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From: Overland
I had a few skulls cleaned by maceration last year. They looked great and were on my display shelf. In late Spring or early Summer I noticed that underneath one of the skulls was some skull "dust" where clearly some type of insect was gnawing from inside the skull. I have a number of feathers displayed near the skulls and several of those feathers also were damaged. Thankfully whatever it was did not seem to spread to my other skulls or mounts.

I put those two skulls and feathers in my freezer, where they have been since. Is there something I can spray them down with to kill whatever it was? Or will half a year in the freezer have killed it? I'd like to be able to spray the feathers as well. Seems like I've heard of fly fishermen spraying the feathers they get for fly tying with something to kill mites.

From: bghunter
Unfortunately I had a mountain lion and a deer attacked. Lucky the lion I caught in time my deer needed cape replaced. None of my other mounts had issues.

Since then I have bee. Using this product one or twice a year and no issues.

From: Keith
Mountmedix has a pretty strong odor. I just spray the items with permethrin. It seems to work fine on my large stock of turkey feathers.

From: AaronShort
Only have skulls done by someone who knows what they are doing. One tiny bit of flesh or grease in the bone will attract insects. They will get into every mount in your house and before you realize it the damage is done.

From: bghunter

You are correct it does have a strong smell. My wife hates it. I use it when the weather is nice and I can have the windows in the house open.

From: Vonfoust
This is why I don't shoot anything worth mounting.

From: deerhunter72
Guess I've been lucky enough to never have had an issue with this issue. I do all of my own euros by maceration and dawn soap degreasing, followed by peroxide whitening.

From: soccern23ny
I think I sprayed my skull with a polyerrhane aerosol clear coat. Might give it a glossy look. I would imagine that would stop little bugs.Might be able to find a flat clear coat spray. I know peppermint oil + water sprayed drives a lot of pests away and your house will smell good

From: AaronShort
I would recommend to steer clear of taxi's doing mass amounts of animals and then spray painting the skull so you cant tell if the grease is out as well. If done right you shouldn't have to spray the skull with anything and if you need to clean it you can spray it off with plain water.

From: LKH
I use a 50/50 mix of water and Elmer's School Glue. Good thing about it is that if issues occur it's very simple to remove.

Bugs could have originated in the feathers. Turkeys are often bug culprits.

From: Yellowjacket
I also think the bugs originated from the feathers

From: fuzzy
A little borax in the process would prevent this

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