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Black Bear Outfitter Recommendation
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From: Trophy_Taker
I'd like to take my Father on a 2023 Spring black bear hunt. I'm looking for an area within a 20 hour drive from Northern Utah. Who would you recommend that I book with? I've hunted for 30 years but always DIY and want to avoid one of the horror stories of getting "took" on an outfitted hunt.

From: milnrick
Check Mike's Outfitting, a bowsite sponsor.

From: Big D
Desjardins outfitting in Manitoba, also a sponsor on bowsite, top notch operation and great honest hard working people with great success.

From: Stubbleduck
Google Maps shows 19 hr 59 minutes from Salt Lake City to Winnipeg MB. It's another couple of hours from there to Big Woods Wilderness Outfitters lodge so in total a bit over your time limit but I think you would find BWWO (bigwoodshunting.com) a good hunt. I'm headed back this spring for my fifth hunt and have always had a great time.

Mike’s Outfitting in Alberta is the only place I will ever go for a spring black bear hunt. Those guys are all in when it comes to putting their clients on opportunities for big bears. My sons and I have hunted spring bear there twice and will definitely go back to Mike’s for bears again.

Our first spring bear hunt was to Washington state with an outfit vetted by a big time TV hunting show hot shot. It was a disaster.

You will not go wrong hunting at Mike Ukrainetz’s place.

I’d look at Rob Nye.. we’ll he’s not much to look at but a damn good guy and a damn good outfitter in Saskatchewan ..

Also if Alberta is your place go w Ben cockel of northern Alberta outfitters .. we had a blast and great bears

From: lineman21
Adrenaline Outfitters.

From: Plum lake
We have a few openings here at Plum Lake Outfitters in Manitoba for this spring. 2 hr drive North from Winnipeg.

From: boobowmen
Although I have never bear hunted many friends love going to Plum Lake Outfitters in Manitoba, and many have been repeat customers. Not sure if that fits your 20hr drive.

From: MPN
Have hunted with both Desjardins and Mike’s…am from UT and driven to both. Can’t go wrong with either and neither drive is difficult. Alberta can get two tags vs one in Manitoba. I would pass on Northern Alberta Outfitters…pm me if I can help further.

Big difference from what I understand on "North" Alberta Outfitters and "Northern" Alberta outfitters. I have been with Ben on several hunts for moose, whitetail, and black bear and the guys legit, honest, hardworking outfitter. The fact that he is partially paralyzed from the waste down due to an ATV accident doesn't slow him down and is inspirational for anyone to see.

Jason Lambley at Interlake Safaris. Fisher Branch, Manitoba.

Rob Nye is awesome!

From: grape
Desjardins. Riding mountains of Manitoba.

From: APauls
Black Bears is probably the species where it is easiest to find top notch hunting. Of course I'd look to Canada. I could rattle off a few great MB outfits, but you honestly prob don't need to come that far when Alberta and Saskatchewan are closer.


MichaelArnette's embedded Photo
MichaelArnette's embedded Photo
Stickflingers Manitoba bowhunts if you want big bears and great guides

From: BowJangles
x2 on Stickflingers, x2 on the big bears and x2 on the great guides! I'm heading back in '24.

You want find a cooler bear camp in Canada.

From: yeager
I have hunted with Desjardins in Manitoba 4 times. He runs a top-notch outfit and you will see bears…….three of the four made P&Y. Plus, his wife April is a fantastic cook!

From: Zebrakiller

Zebrakiller's embedded Photo
Zebrakiller's embedded Photo
There are some awesome black bear guides on here and great people, I have hunted with plum lakes many times, good luck

From: molsonarcher
I will toss out Sleeve lake Outfitters in Manitoba as well.

Fantastic crew, awesome time, big bears. We are going back for the second time this spring. Up front, we did not kill a bear last spring. 1 wounded, and I passed a few. Pops and i had the camp to outselves. Weather was terrible with several inches of rain and horrendous wind. Everyone gave 110%.

Im not sure if there are openings, but its a very well run camp and the bears are there.

From: Tejas
Has anyone here ever been with Mike from Saskadrenaline outfitters?

From: Hancock West
I've never hunted with Mike but his oufit has killed some huge bears! I almost booked a hunt with him before covid hit and really wish i had went with his outfit.

From: carcus
X3 Stickflingers, Its where I'd go if I needed an outfitter

From: goyt
X2 Adrenalin Outfitters

North Superior Charters !


From: Stringwacker
Stickflingers. Awesome hunts, people, and guides who really work hard. Likely saw 35 bears from my stands the time I went there.

From: KHNC
I have killed bears 5 of 5 trips at SouthBay Outfitters in Sask. Tim Lapierre owns it now. Great place and they will pick you up in Saskatoon too. 4 of the bears rough scored enough to qualify for P&Y and one close to 21". B&C entry is 20 and all time is 21 if im not mistaken. The other 4 exceeded 19" green scores. Didnt enter a single one of them either. Just for reference that Southbay has plenty of mature bears.

From: Shug
Lone wolf camps IMO is your best chance at a truly large bear and they take a good number of color phase also. I hunted there last year and would go back this year but the drive is just too much for me physically.

From northern Utah I believe it’s under 30 hours… ( Carswell lake) Very remote camp with a well respected outfitter.

If you look in the bear part of bowsite… that’s the same place…

Good luck where ever ya choose

Western edge of Manitoba is unreal for number of bears, color and size. Plus, it's not remote and it's accessible, the area has elevation and the ATV rides are awesome. I'd look for an outfitter that's also an accomplished bowhunter.

Brad Fry in Saskatchewan. Big Tine Adventures in Alberta. He just posted an opening for this spring.

From: mooseslayer
Desjardins in western Manitoba close to the Riding Mountains. Many color phase bears!!

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