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Man kills state's No. 2 while doing No.2
Whitetail Deer
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From: BTM

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Haven't seen this posted before, and it reminds me of a few times I missed an opportunity because my weapon wasn't handy.


From: sticksender
There's something about the story that kinda stinks.

From: t-roy
I killed a buck last year, that I nicknamed “Number 2”. Does that count?!

I got a kick out of how the article was written. Beautiful buck.

From: drycreek
Well, it wasn’t a 196” buck, but I did kill my biggest bow buck about two minutes after I got back in my popup fresh from a number 2. It was one of those either or moments when you have to choose, and I chose not to take a chance. It worked out, but I don’t recommend it as a hunting tactic !

From: Groundhunter
Great story. I did not kill one doing a number 2, but found one. Shot a nice 10. Good blood dried up. Circled and circled the grass he went into. While taking a break, sat down for a #2, and looked over and there he was.

From: Beendare
Love the mass on that buck

This is the second time I see this story and still chuckle…however here in the state it was killed things have been very quiet. Never heard to much. Kudos to him. Usually one big mouth blabs it all out. Seen it happen a few times in the last few years. One as a warden telling everyone where a certain buck was shot and even showing an onx point…. Kinda a scummy move in my opinion

From: JohnMC
I understand it is not really the point of the story. But they calling the top buck in state 198" gross. No record book ranks deer by gross score. So who know what it actually scored.

"It scored 196 1/8 inches. If not for some broken tines, it would have topped the current Massachusetts state record archery buck, which grossed 198 inches"

Nets are for fish. There ain’t enough big deer killed in mass for it to matter. As far as I’m aware the best kept records for mass deer etc is the records kept by the North East Big Buck Club (NBBC).

From: APauls
That's a story for the ages. Awesome buck to boot.

From: Zbone
Nice buck, CONGRATS to hunter....

Dang that buck looks like he was rutting hard, doesn't look like an ounce of fat on him in the live photo nor the kill photo...

Damn cool customer ,managing to squeeze one off after squeezing one off with that big bucks so close. Tip my hat.

From: fuzzy
My biggest buck ever (rifle kill) was close to this story.

From: Will
Vermonter (his name on Bowsite) has a cool podcast here in the North East called Hunt Suburbia. He interviewed the guy earlier in the fall:

From: scentman
Dropped a duece and shot a moose!

From: Killer bee
My home town!


Thanks for the link,


From: Bou’bound
needed nose jammer for that one

From: SlipShot
I once killed a bull elk the same way. If I had not got down to do my business, I don't think I would have had a chance at the elk.

From: Jim Moore
"Dropped a duece and shot a moose!"

Anyone know how to get coffee out of a keyboard...dang it!

Hahahah Jim! Air in a can duster might help hahahahah

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