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Dang kids… Ruined his arrow!!
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From: WYOelker

WYOelker's embedded Photo
First robin hold for William
WYOelker's embedded Photo
First robin hold for William
WYOelker's embedded Photo
WYOelker's embedded Photo
Well it was the second night of 4H archery practice. And new arrows… Last round before we clean up and and this happened…

I have shot a thousands of shots and never got one…

Atta Boy! Consistancy is key! Now... don't do it again. Arrows are expensive these days! ;-)

From: Medicinemann
I'll bet the arrow(s) have a place of honor in some room in the house where he spends a lot of his time. LOL

Congratulations goes to sir William:)

The 1st time you do that it's amazing and pridetful. The 2nd time you do it is not so great.

From: INbowdude
Congrats, Robin Hood! Pretty awesome trophy.

From: t-roy
Medicineman X2 :-) Good shootin!

I Robin hooded one on about the sixth arrow I ever shot….Only took another 20 years to do it a second time.

From: DanaC
I've gotten two in 40+ years. Well done William!!!

From: molsonarcher
Good job to the youngster.

I had that happen once or twice. Now i aim at different spots or targets. Gets expensive after afew of those, but the braggin rights are nice too.

The first time is cool, the second is "oh, ok", and the third time is "Damn, ruined another one!"

Enjoy the first one.


From: Bowboy
Nice shooting

From: SoDakSooner
Nice job kiddo!!!! I got two in about a month with 2 different bows and none since, 20 years ago. I started shooting 5 spot targets after that. MIght need to pick him up some of those!!! Maybe stick some nock collars on there too!

From: 12yards
Nice! It's cool when it happens once or twice, then it just gets expensive.

From: elkmtngear
Nice Work, William !

From: fdp
Pretty cool.

From: Chief 419
Good shooting. Keep it up. Dad will buy more arrows.

From: Scoot
Awesome! I still remember my son's first Robin Hood!

From: No Mercy
awesome! That's a trophy all it's own!

From: Lewis
Consistency is very cool but can be very expensive lol ?? Good job young man and I echo Jake’s sentiments those two arrows will not be thrown away they will be on a wall Good Luck Lewis

From: Dale06
Good on him. Wish 4H had archery when I was a member.

From: Boatman71
Dont take it apart! Bad JuJu :-)

From: Bowaddict
Nice shooting! It’s great for a few……then you learn to start shootings pin nocks to save arrows:)

From: Treeline
And the crowd goes Wild! Congratulations! That deserves a place of honor! He will remember that for the rest of his life!

From: midwest
Congrats young man!

I've never had a Robin Hood in 40 years of archery. I always aim right next to my last arrow. ;-)

From: Grey Ghost
Very cool. Now, flip that target around and shoot just one arrow at each of the 5 spots. ;-)


From: WYOelker
We have a bit to get him to a great 5 spot. He shoots 3-4 arrows really tight and always has one a little off. I have a feeling in a month we will be on the 5 spot with just a little work.

From: Boris
That will cost him 2 cuts of the grass this summer. LOL Great job.

Gooooooooood shoooooooooting. For all the years shooting a compound bow and never a RH, I did it with my recurve a few years back.

From: Matt
Great job.

I got my first RH when I was a poor college kid and had to pull it apart to have a full quiver of arrows for my first ever bowhunt.

From: Whocares
Like others said, first one kinda cute, next two not so much.

That is awesome

From: Supernaut
Way to go young man, great shooting!

You'll never forget your first.

From: drycreek
Troy, if you are like me, the first one elicited joy, but the second one you just thought about arrow cost. :-)

From: Gib

From: btnbuck
Awesome job on the robin hood! Definitely need a special spot on the wall for it. Right next to all the future trophies! Anymore, I prefer to robin hood the other guys arrow when were shooting 3D. Don't want it hit "keep it out of the 10" ;-)

From: Basil
Shot a great mule deer on a guided hunt. We were admiring this buck after the kill. The outfitter stood up & put his arms out looked all around and said sarcastically “I suppose to a guy like you this is a really big deal but to me it’s just another day in the office”. When my daughter shot her first Robin Hood she remembered that story & used that line on me with a picture and a text. Congrats on the Robin Hood and I hope this addiction continues to give as much as it’s given to me!!!

From: Cotton
I’ve only gotten one RH but it was my friends brand new arrow that I hit the very first time he’d used them, i enjoyed it more than he did!!! Cotton

From: goelk
50 plus years never had one. Pretty cool when it happens. Enjoyed the moment.

From: Jaquomo
My best one was on target #1 of a big 3D shoot. I was in a mixed group. A notorious blowhard stepped up and centered the 12 ring with his tricked-out compound. He turned around and sneered "Whaddya think of that!"

I shot next with my longbow and center punched his arrow. Everybody else in the group started laughing and one guys said to him, "Whaddya think of THAT?!"

He was pissed because I ruined his arrow. That's one RH I displayed as a trophy.

From: Basil
Once I was shopping for a new bow at a pro shop. Test fired a new Bowtech. My second shot Robin hooded the first. I told the salesman I’d take it ;-)

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