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Looking 4 east coast outfitter
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Teeton 02-Feb-23
Bob Hildenbrand 02-Feb-23
fuzzy 03-Feb-23
DanaC 03-Feb-23
Teeton 03-Feb-23
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Teeton 12-Feb-23
From: Teeton
Hi all. I'm kinda wondering if theres any decent hog outfitters, say between nothern Alabama to obviously south of Pennsylvania. I live in Northeast Pa. I have not gone on a out of state hunt in 2 years. Bum knee which is getting fixed in June. It would have to be over bait, can't chase dogs right now. . I can still walk about a 1/2 mile to a stand, but would need help retrieving down hog. Thinking this March, it maybe to late, but figured I'd give it a shot. I'm just going stir crazy only being able to hunt PA the last 2 years.

So if anyone knows any decent outfitters that could meet this criteria, let me know.

Thanks Ed

Ed . Look up Cypress Creek Outfitters.

Estill, S.C.

From: fuzzy
Mountain Meadows Greenville WV

From: DanaC

DanaC's Link

From: Teeton
I'll check them out, thanks.

You guys have any experience with them?

Ed...our gang went the for 12 years, when it was called Wildthings. The owner passed away and the family now leases it out to Cypress Creek.

From: huntr4477
Check out T and M Hunting Properties, in NC. I've been there several times and will continue to go there. It's an easy drive from PA, and the lodge is only a half mile or so off I-95. It's all night hunting over baits, and it's run by good people. Matt is usually booked way in advance, but sometimes he has cancellations. Check out his page if you are on facebook.


From: JohnMC
If you don't find a hog hunt. Maybe think about turkey hunt? Some season start late March by April lots of states are hopping. I would bet you could find an outfitter to accommodate your handicap. A 1/2 miles would get you into so turkeys I would think.

From: Teeton
Thanks 3veryone.

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