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Coastal black bear bucket list hunt help
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Jasper 03-Feb-23
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From: Jasper
Been retired a couple of years and am checking off a bucket hunt list each year. Did an antelope hunt in Wyoming last year, going back to WY for elk this September and am researching hunts for the next few years; one of which is a coastal black bear boat hunt. I've been bow hunting over 50 years, am now 62 but am a fitness fanatic so I'm pretty good shape. Suggestions? Thanks!

Can’t remember the thread title but I believe there was one regarding this and a boat hunt not to long ago….

From: t-roy
I know pav has done exactly what you’re looking at wanting to do, Jasper. Hopefully he will see this.

From: pav

pav's Link
My one and only black bear hunt (to date) was August 18th - 23rd, 2019 with Homer Ocean Charters. Honestly, I was talked into that hunt out of obligation to a good friend and hunting partner. He needed six hunters to charter the boat for a week and I owed him for stepping up on a caribou hunt back in 2012...when my original hunting partner backed out late in the game. Black bear were just never really on my bowhunting radar prior to that hunt.

That said, the trip with HOC turned out to be one of the best adventures of my life. Saw a wide variety of game, had several bears in bow range all week, and the fishing was awesome. Alaska is...Alaska! I'm still not big on black bear hunting, although I did enjoy the spot & stalk aspect of that hunt. I would definitely do that trip with HOC again.

Posted the dates of my trip for a reason. Good friend of mine made the same trip last July. His hunt was scheduled nearly a month earlier than mine. The salmon were not yet in the neither were the bears. Totally different hunt if the salmon are not present. If you decide to go...I would advise mid-late August timeframe. Good luck!

From: Jasper
Thanks guys! Pav, got any pics of your hunt you can post?

From: pav
Jasper, the link I provided is a photo/hunt recap.

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