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Rompola buck back in the news.....again
Whitetail Deer
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From: wild1

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Here we go again.

From: t-roy
I wonder if there’s any correlation between this bombshell, and that Chinese weather balloon suddenly showing up. It seems to be more than just a coincidence to me……..just sayin

From: buckhammer
I thought Randy died in the early 80's after working on Ozzy's first 2 solo albums. I didn't realize he came back to life and was a CBM scorer. The things you learn on Bowsite.

100% fake deer

From: Supernaut
Zakk Wylde would never make these outrageous claims.

Please nobody that was “big” into hunting ever believed this story. It’s not the only deer he fabricated over the years.

They're pissed he never submitted to their "authoritah" sounds like a political circle jerk.Someday the mystery will be solved probably by whomever owns it after he dies.It would be hilarious if it ended up legit.

From: t-roy
Won’t happen 4nolz. The mount mysteriously burned up in a fire. Spontaneous combustion, most likely.

From: Shrewski
The don’t make deer like that in Michigan. Especially that area of Michigan. There hasn’t been a net B&C buck taken within 100 miles of Traverse City in the history of the record book. Fake, fake, fraud.

From: thedude
Nobody cares. The areas that produce big deer, produce big deer. Some people believe in big foot, that strippers like them, and the wwe is real.

From: midwest
It’s fake???


From: drycreek
You mean strippers don’t like me ??? DAMMITBOY !

If it was REAL, it would’ve been scored legitimately. Does anyone else know a person that has killed a “potential WR” and not come forward to have it scored, and… after they claimed to have the new potential WR? I don’t.

From: btnbuck
I can't believe that story started 25 years ago...Man do I feel old...

From: Cazador
Strippers do like me, and I have the “fur” to prove it!

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