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Pack recommendations flying for caribou
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Browtine 04-Feb-23
BOWUNTR 04-Feb-23
HUNT MAN 04-Feb-23
TEmbry 04-Feb-23
Blood 04-Feb-23
Matt 04-Feb-23
LKH 04-Feb-23
Jims 04-Feb-23
From: Browtine
Looking for a pack frame & pack that is small enough to carry on to plane but suitable for packing boned out meat and serving as a daypack. I have smaller daypacks that can't haul meat and bigger frames with packs that are too big for carry on. Don't really want my bigger pack trashed with luggage under the plane. I think the height limit for carry on is 22 inches but don't know how strict they are. Its Alaskan airlines. Is there such an option?

I take my Kifaru full size pack stuffed with optics, heavy stuff and expensive stuff.. cinched up it's still oversize for carry on but fits in the overhead compartment. In 15 trips I've only had to check it at the gate once. Ed F


From: TEmbry
If you don’t want to carry on the full size pack, they make overbags for like $20-40 that work perfect to protect it as a checked bag. I hate traveling with carryon and usually fly Alaska Airlines so I get 3 free checked bags, but I have taken a Kifaru as carry on once or twice without being called out for its height

From: Blood
I have the Kifaru 44 mag on the longer frame. It fits over head no problem. Never had a problem wearing it and bringing in as a carry-on….

From: Matt
Same as Ed, and the reason I had to gate check mine is it had half a mountain goat in it. I keep most of the heavy/expensive stuff (e.g. optics, personal items, meds) in my lid which I can seperate from the pack in case of having to gate check.

From: LKH
I don't know if they sell it any more but I have an aluminum packframe that weighs about 2# and can be broken down to fit in a bag about 14" length and 7" diameter. It was made to carry in small planes (cubs). It's surprisingly strong and I've packed a lot of bou on it. The members are about 1" square and it has good straps and belt. You would need a lightweight bag to hand on it for your gear. I think the most I've put on it is about 85#.

From: Jims
I've carried on a full 70 lb pack in addition to a large camera case with all of my optics and other gear on several Alaska Airline trips. Just make certain it fits in the dimensions listed on their website so it fits in the overheads. Mine is an internal frame duplex frame. It is definitely a hefty load to pack through the airports but saves some $ on baggage fees.

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