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Spypoint Link-Micro-LTE Cell Cam
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From: midwest
Any reviews from Bowsiters? Pretty cheap. I currently don't own any cell cams and only a few cheap cams I don't use a lot.

From: Jaybee
I have quite a few. They were working well for a couple of years and then last year I started having issues. It seems that if the with some of the cameras if the battery is low and they send an update the camera will go into some sort of limp mode and it will not work again. Then you have to get in touch with customer service and they will send a replacement if it is under warranty. I have had two replaced and one that was passed the warranty date so I am out of luck on that one. Picture quality is not the greatest either. I have one Covert and now two Tactacam Reveals. In my opinion the Spypoint app is the easiest to use, Covert has the best quality pics. Tactacam is middle of the road on each.

From: W8N4RUT
I have 3 of them. Pretty good overall. I did have an issue with a firmware update where the camera stopped working until the update was completed. The problem is the cameras were running in Illinois while I'm in Florida. Not so easy to deal with.

App is easy to use.

Photo quality is great for what I need (Im not looking for hi-grade footage to create hunting videos from, etc.) and you can upgrade any photo to HD thru the app.


I have 4,I like them,they are less complicated than my cuddebacks and smaller with AA batteries

From: APauls
They're OK. Around here I can get Tactacam's for within $10 or so on sale and is a significantly superior setup

From: Slate
Can’t complain for $90.

From: Cornpone
I have eight, my hunting partner has two and a friend has ten. Although I've had a couple issues they were replaced readily. Overall for the price I'm satisfied.

From: midwest
You can get a twin pack for around $130.

Don't waste your money. Been there. Done that. Get a tactacam.

From: Babysaph
I agree with Landshark. After a while they would not work and Spypoints customer service sucks

They've been working flawlessly for me for 3-4 years it may be a cellular signal issue.Ill trade my cuddeback 1 for 1 if anyone is interested.

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