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29" Bow - 29" Draw - Success Stories
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From: fastflight
Guys, I am tempted to get a 29 inch bow at 29 inch draw but have some concerns about string angle. I shot a 29 inch and a 33 inch and they felt similar but they were right handed bows ( I am a lefty) and they weren't fully set up for me. I can google and find plenty of people that say to go longer axlebto axle. I am looking for a few people with 29 inch or longer draws to say they aren't having issues seeing thru peep at dusk and dawn. Give me some confidence going with my first bow shorter than 34". Or tell me I am crazy. Thanks

From: GFL
I’m at 29 and will not go below 33 ata

From: JohnMC
I think you're crazy. But seems I am the minority on liking a longer ATA bow these days. Is there a reason you don't want to stay with a longer ATA? Personally, I don't buy the they're easier to maneuver. I've shot antelope, deer and turkey out of the blind. Lots of deer out a tree stands. Elk off the ground. Sheep hunted with a longer ATA bow and I will say on that hunt I could've seen the benefit of carrying, a lighter bow but the shot I got was 50 yards and I had confidence in my set up.

From: greg simon
I shoot a 30 inch bow with a 29 inch draw length. Works fine for me. My first compound was 44 inches so I have some experience shooting longer bows also.

From: molsonarcher

Im at exactly that setup. Mathews V3X 29” a2a and 29” draw. I like this setup much better than my Triax, it was 27”? I think.

Ive never really shot what some would consider a long a2a, but one of the bows i had previously was 31”. I have no issues with my current setup, and before i changed arrow weights and sight i was comfortable out to 70 yds. I never really got a chance to shoot farther than that before the switch.

From: keepemsharp
First good bow was a Bear magnum, 48" 58 lb. Was drawing 28 and half. Was probably a finger pinchin devil but at that time didn't know what finger pinch was we just shot it and it worked, also using Gordon glasshafts.

From: Casekiska
The key is to shoot the bow you are comfortable and accurate with. The heck with what the experts or your neighbor says, make you own choice. You know what works best for you, why not choose that one?

Todays hybrid cam designs, makes the a2a length feel several inches longer than the true a2a length. A 29” bow is going to feel like a 32-33” a2a bow of 10 years ago.

From: Mitch
I had a 30” bow and a 30” draw length. Hated it. Went to 36 and 35” ata after that. Just got a 34” which shoots great. That’s as short as I’ll go. Your results may be different than mine. Good luck!

From: 12yards
Not for me. I'm with the guys that say 33" or longer. But I don't hunt out of ground blinds. But never had an issue in a treestand with bows from 33" to 46" ata.

Mathews makes a really long riser so the 29” bow with a 29” draw length works great for me. It’s just an old school/new school thing. Times they are a changin.

From: PECO2
If you use a trigger release, why would you care about string angle?

Peep height would be one concern.

From: fastflight
I appreciate the responses so far. PECO2, the steeper string angle would theoricaly push the peep up and away from my eye quicker. I am thinking a larger peep might offset the difference though. I have a 15 year old drenalin so I am confident it will be an upgrade whether I go 29 or 33.

From: 12yards
I bet you could find a new V3 31 if you wanted to split the difference.

From: Sivart
I'm 29" draw. My fav bow of all time is the Mathews Vertix, which is 30" ATA.

I have a V3X 29, and really don't like the string angle. Crazy the diff the 1" makes.

From: WhattheFOC

Tried it, didn’t care for it. Don’t like dancing with short girls either.

From: JTreeman
I don’t mind a fairly severe string angle myself, there are other things I pay a lot more attention to when bow shopping. I also feel that the large cams on many of todays bows negate some of the short a2a, as the string is coming off the top on the cam, not from the axle.

But I totally agree, shot what you like best don’t really need to worry about what a bunch of guys on the internet say you “gotta have, always, never, etc”.


From: Grey Ghost
I shoot a 29.5" draw length. Anything under 34" ATA doesn't work for me. I can shoot shorter bows, but aiming and accuracy is compromised. I'm still more accurate with my old 40" Mathews Conquest bows than I am with any of the new short speed bows.


From: Bigdog 21
Never did understand the short bow thing. 28" draw and 38 is the shortest I like to go. I did get a couple 32" but went right back and like a 40 even better.

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