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Turkeys on I-15 ??
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WhattheFOC 09-Feb-23
Matt 11-Feb-23
WhattheFOC 11-Feb-23
From: WhattheFOC
A buddy and I are flying to Palm Springs to drive his car back to Saskatoon - middle of April or so. I’ve never hunted turkeys, and would like to give it a go … i think I’m looking for an outfitter, but maybe all I need is advice. Our route is I-15 thru Utah, Idaho and Montana.

Will also consider any other non-turkey advice of things to do or see along the way.

From: Matt
Lots in CA, but not off of 15. You’d need to detour up 5.

From: WhattheFOC
Change of plans … we’re headed up 5.

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