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Boris 10-Feb-23
pirogue 10-Feb-23
PECO2 11-Feb-23
From: Boris
I know that I asked you guys for help with my Wildgame cell camera. Many of you said you had a hard time getting a hold of their customer service. An that I should get rid of the camera and get something different. I figured out that at 10:00am eastern time. Which is 8:00am central time. I would call an leave my phone number. We have been playing phone tag. BUT, we finely connected. Spoke with Savanna, she was GREAT. She asked questions and I told her that I did not have much experience with these kind of cameras. She walked me through everything. Like I said we played phone tag. So Thank you Savanna.

From: pirogue
Ugggh, thinking 10 Eastern is 8 Central???

From: PECO2
Western, Mountain, Central, Eastern.

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