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Cultipacker vs lawn roller?
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Julius Koenig 14-Feb-23
BOHUNTER09 14-Feb-23
Julius Koenig 14-Feb-23
Mark Watkins 21-Feb-23
scentman 21-Feb-23
Pat Lefemine 21-Feb-23
Catscratch 21-Feb-23
buckhammer 21-Feb-23
Starfire 22-Feb-23
Deanclarkend 11-Apr-23
Wildan2 18-Apr-23
What does a cultipacker offer over a lawn roller?

I have tried both. The wheels on the cultipacker are able to get the uneven areas compressed better. That said, if you have only the lawn roller, it is much better than nothing


From: Mark Watkins

If you buy only one piece of equipment, it is a cultipacker for sure.


From: scentman
I believe a cultipacker would provide optimal germination, price of seed nowadays I would use the best equipment... you can rent or borrow one if price is a problem.

From: Pat Lefemine
Mark Watkins X2

From: Catscratch
Personally I think it depends on how you are planting and what equipment you are using besides a packer? Are you working your ground, or doing Throw-n-Mow, using a no-till drill, disc or tiller, etc? If you are doing Throw-n-Mow a mower is way more effective than a roller. If you're discing and drilling the cultipacker doesn't do much good. If you're discing and broadcasting it's a great tool. If you have a tiller and can make a smooth plot you don't need it. Lots of variables! What's your system, then we can give you a better idea...

From: buckhammer
It depends on how smooth your seedbed is as to what is best. After I disk my food plots I smooth them out with a 7 foot 3pt mounted landscape rake. After broadcasting I then roll the plots with a lawn roller. With sufficient moisture I always have good germination. A cultipacker as a rule of thumb is going to cost you $100 a foot. A lawn roller can be bought at a garage sale for less than $100

From: Starfire
The ridges on a cultipacker are made to break up clumps...

From: Deanclarkend
Hey there! Thanks for sharing your experience with the cultipacker vs. lawn roller debate. It's interesting to hear about the different methods and equipment used for planting. I'm not much of a gardener myself, but I recently discovered a website about turf that has some great tips on lawn care and maintenance. Besides, you can get turf supplies delivered UK wide if you live in that area. You might find something helpful for your system. Do you have any other favorite resources or tips for planting and lawn care? I'm new to this forum and excited to learn from everyone's experiences.

From: Wildan2
I own and have used both;A cultipacker will level better and adds grooves for water channels.

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