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sasquatch 16-Feb-23
PushCoArcher 16-Feb-23
sasquatch 17-Feb-23
txhunter58 17-Feb-23
wytex 17-Feb-23
sticksender 17-Feb-23
Brotsky 17-Feb-23
BULELK1 18-Feb-23
From: sasquatch
Good friend drew a mule deer super tag.

We only have archery elk experience in the famous deer units.

Just wondering if anyone would have different or possibly better thoughts on where to use it.

Ofcourse the target will be 160” plus inch deer.

Plan to rifle hunt but open to archery too.

From: PushCoArcher
I saw some giant's in 102 this year 4-5 160s in a week. But I'd be picking one of the late season tags probably 128 if I was in your buddies shoes.

From: sasquatch
Thanks push, we will look into that and see how it looks.

From: txhunter58
Not all of us actually know what state you are referring to. :-)

From: wytex
Wyoming super tag raffle txhunter.

You might go over to Monster Muleys and take a look at the thread form last years Super tag hunt in 128 I think it was. Congrats to your friend and now the research begins.

From: sticksender
Congrats to your friend, how exciting for him!

From: Brotsky
128 is where I'd go.

Reach out to me and I can give ya some intel on 128 late.

Good luck, Robb

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