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DonVathome 24-Feb-23
pa10point 24-Feb-23
Shiloh 24-Feb-23
casekiska 24-Feb-23
greg simon 24-Feb-23
Smtn10PT 24-Feb-23
KHNC 24-Feb-23
Lewis 24-Feb-23
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Highlife 24-Feb-23
Schmitty78 24-Feb-23
Jaybee 27-Feb-23
bowhunt 27-Feb-23
Buskill 27-Feb-23
From: DonVathome
What is a decent game cam that can send pics to my cell phone? Does it use your current cell service/plan or do you need another plan?

From: pa10point
Tactacam reveal x pro. 13 dollars A month for unlimited pictures and 12 dollars A month for each additional camera. They have cheaper plans if you don't need unlimited pictures.

From: Shiloh
I’ve had good luck with MoultrieMobile. I’m about to buy several last year’s model from my local sporting goods store for $70

From: casekiska
I've gone with Tactacam...their cameras and their plan. My experience has not been glitch free but on an overall basis the product and their service has been satisfactory. There may be less expensive plans around and perhaps there are cameras that take and transmit better photos but based on my experiences I do not feel there is any compelling reason to change.

From: greg simon
I second (or third) Tactacam. None that I'm aware of use your current wireless plan, they require their own. Different brands of cameras offer different options for their respective service plans.

From: Smtn10PT
Whatever cam you get you download their ap, you can have a Verizon phone and get an AT&T camera, that doesnt matter. I have Tactacam, Moultrie, and Spypoint and rank them in that order. Only redeeming quality in Spypoint is 100 free pics a month.

From: KHNC
I have both tactacam and browning cell cameras. Both work great. However, the TC is cheaper and works all the time. If i was doing it over, they would ALL be tactacams.

From: Lewis
X2 Scoot Good luck Lewis

I’ve got 3 different models of Moultrie running. All are working fine and the app works for me

From: Highlife
I've gone through 3 spypoints and have yet to use them. Currently waiting on replacements luckily on the first one I was able to get credit back. The other 2 I'm stuck with. FWIW I'm going to try a tactacam reveal gen 2 at our farm in Tennessee.

From: Schmitty78
I have a Tactacam and a SPYPOINT. I love the tactacam and the SPYPOINT sucks!! Picture quality is horrible on the SPYPOINT!!!

From: Jaybee
I have Spypoint link micro, Tactacam Reveal Pro and Covert Blackout. I would say that the covert is the best. Tactacam is ok but the batteries do not last very long compared to the other two. Spy point picture quality is poor and if your batteries are low and they send an update the camera may get stuck in a reboot and it is done. They will send a new one if it is under the two year warranty but you are out of luck if it is past the warranty period.

From: bowhunt
The spartan cameras work very well. You pay to use service through them.

Me and a couple buddies had 6 of the spartan cameres, 1 reconx, and 3 of stealth cams Out from the last week of September to the 3rd week of November.

The Spartan cameras had the best photo quality, best app for viewing the photos, best and best battery life. The reconx just didn’t have as good of photo quality, no issues.

The stealth cams seemed to eat up batteries, worst photo quality, and issues with cameras not working.

From: Buskill
Tactacam reveal has been great for me. Batteries last a long time in my experience.

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