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Bear Hunt Question
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From: VaBowman
Going on a Black Bear Hunt in New Brunswick next year and just wondering if my set up is enough. My set up is, 28” draw, 62 lbs and 395 grain arrow weight including Magnus Broadhead.

From: Shug
A bear would be the least of your problems with your set up…

Plenty of horsepower… good luck

From: fdp

From: APauls
You'll go through the drum behind him if given the opportunity.

From: njbuck
Dead bear with that set up.

From: fuzzy

From: Bou’bound
It's enough if you can shoot.

From: VaBowman
Thanks for the responses. No problem shooting accurately just making sure the Whitetail set up was going to work or if I needed to adjust anything.

From: Vaquero 45
VaBowman if you dont mind me asking ? Is that with a wheel bow , leverbow , recurve , longbow ?

From: Helgermite

Helgermite's embedded Photo
Helgermite's embedded Photo
Scary sharp broadheads with a well placed arrow in the shiddle will kill a bear quicker than any deer with that setup.

From: VaBowman

From: Groundhunter
Bears kill easy Put it thru the center. Stay away from shoulder angle Plenty of power. Good head. Good luck.

From: Hancock West
I blew thru a black bear this spring with a similar setup. Only difference was I used an IronWill vented 100gr BH

Great set up, and the shiddle shot is money!

From: welka
Only tweak might be a mechanical with larger cut diameter (more blood the better as bears have lots of hair). Good luck.

From: Cornpone
Had a passthru at 25 yards on a CO bear with that same setup.

From: Tradmike
U could half draw and still kill your bear. Shot placement is your key to a dead bear.

From: Huntiam
shiddle? We call that the killzone around here

Shiddle = not the shoulder and not the middle. So, yes it's the kill zone.

Bear are thin skinned. Shot placement will be much more important than firepower.

From: wraith8
Your arrow and draw weights are pretty close to mine and I've had pass through shots on every bear I've shot. Put a shot in the spot described above and you shouldn't have any problem with your set up.

From: WhattheFOC
They’re like big black marshmallows. You have plenty of bow. I’ve shot 6 or 8 of em - never had one make it out of sight.

If you hit the shiddle it won’t go 50 yards. If you’re prone to hit the guddle, then the big mech might be good advice :)

From: SteveB
That’s tons of killing power. 35lbs placed properly would still be more than enough. Emphasis on placement. I learned that the hard way.

From: Starfire
Bears are thin skinned and not hard to penetrate, and they do not go far. However, their fat can plugs up a wound so I would recommend you use the four blade magnus. Its rare to find a bear if it goes more than 100 yds.

From: Bowman
My 12- and 14-year-old granddaughters both shot nice bears with their 35LB bows and both had pass through shots, and they only went 50 and 70 yards. Just need to wait for good broadside or quartering away shots. The most fun I have had hunting in many years. Have Fun and enjoy the hunt.

From: VaBowman
Thanks for all the advice. Looking forward to the hunt!

Absolutely, a big bear is the equivalent of a big mature northern Whitetail. Shot placement is key, if you can execute that and you'll be just fine

From: TD
Equipment no issue. Shot placement is pretty spot on.

Issue I've always seen with bears is it's often a low light shot on a black blob that slides around like a ghost, seem always twisted or turned, even will sit down. Hard to pick that spot and much harder to see angles than with ungulates IMO. Often complicated with clouds of insects and an elevated heart rate..... =D

From: Spoiler123
If you punch out both lungs they often drop immediately. To do so on bears we've learned to stay "low" with stand placement in trees.

From: Ollie
Bears are easier to penetrate than deer. Their skin is very thin.

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