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SW Oklahoma free range hog hunt
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Mule/IN 02-Mar-23
Dino 02-Mar-23
milnrick 02-Mar-23
BULELK1 03-Mar-23
JTreeman 03-Mar-23
Mule/IN 10-Mar-23
From: Mule/IN
I recently read about a Whitetail hunting operation in (I think) Southwest Oklahoma that is offering free range hog hunts. Reasonable prices and no bag limit. Lodging and kitchen facilities were included in the price, but meals were not. I thought that I bookmarked the website for this place, but I can't find it now. I know it was in Oklahoma and am pretty sure it was SW. I would appreciate any and all thoughts as to what the name of this operation might be. I think that if I see the name of the place, I will remember it. Thanks in advance! Mike

From: Dino
Also interested…since Fair Chase with Rob Kiebler out of Eagle Pass, Texas shut down, us Canadian boys are looking for a place to hunt hogs, stateside!

From: milnrick
If RK can't point y'all toward a S TX hog hunt contact Jerry Gonzales at Perdernal Bowhunts. You won't be disappointed.

No mercy hunting in SW Oklahoma does free range. Good people


BULELK1's Link
Here is a link to No Mercy

Good luck, Robb

From: JTreeman
Maybe try Stuart Ranch. I’ve never hunted there, but have been very impressed with their communication and response when I’ve talked with them in the recent past.

Just trying to get a response from some of those type outfitters can be a challenge…


From: Mule/IN
Thanks for the replies gentlemen. Sorry for noy responding sooner, but I've been without internet for awhile now.

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