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Browning cams - Time Lapse Plus issue
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Bullshooter 03-Mar-23
pirogue 03-Mar-23
Bullshooter 08-Mar-23
From: Bullshooter
I got a couple of newer browning cams (Strike Force Apex Trail Camera, and a Recon Force Elite HP4 ) and have experienced a problem with the Time Lapse Plus files.

The timelapse files have a problem that my older Brownings never did. When trying to view the photos. I cannot rewind or back up to look at photos without the BUCKWATCH program freezing up. I uninstalled the program from my laptop, and downloaded it again from their website. Now it is even worse, and sometimes freezes up as soon as I try to open a file in it. (I also tried it on a better PC, and the same problem occurs.)

This makes it very difficult, because as you view the files in the BUCKWATCH program, you will see something of interest and want to go back and get a better look, but that does not work. It freezes for so long that you have to re-start the file and hope to catch it before the item of interest appears, then pause and click the Image Advance button to find it.

I have been emailing back and forth with their customer support, and they even sent me a new camera for the one I sent them (Strike Force HDPro X), but that one had the same problem. I still have plenty of timelapse files from my older Brownings, (which got flooded) and I can still view them in BUCKWATCH with no problem. It is only with the new cams.

Anyone else notice this issue? I have reached an impasse with Browning, but their is no doubt there is a problem with these new cams. If anyone has a suggestion it would be appreciated. I find that feature is very useful for finding where deer are entering fields, and the motion detection settings do not work at long enough distances for that.

Thank you

From: pirogue
Are you only experiencing the problems when using Time Lapse? If you just want to view pics or videos, you don’t have to install the Buckwatch, do you?

From: Bullshooter
Yes, the problems are only with Time Lapse, or actually "Time Lapse Plus" which also triggers photos with motion detection. No, Buckwatch is not needed for Motion Decection or Video.

The Time Lapse Plus feature is the main one I use, because you can cover a much bigger area than what you see with Motion Detection.

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