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Pinnel and Talifson Brown bear guides
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Jut thought some of you might be interested. The footage in this video was given to me by a friend in the 1980's and I uploaded it to my YouTube channel to honor his memory and the memory of the last of the great brown bear men. A lot has been written about Kodiak island brown bear hunting and Pinnel and Talifson, but there isn't much video. Enjoy.

From: Gator
I remember their advertisements in Outdoor Life while growing up. As luck would have it, I took my first brownie near their area at Deadman Bay. Thanks for the video.

I spoke with Bill Pinnel a few times, due to scheduling conflicts I ended up hunting with Ken Oldham. I landed in Dog Salmon one hour after Fred Bear and crew left the same camp. Fred hunted a few times with Ken Oldham. Ken had his own kind of fame, documented now only his Anchorage obituary.

From: Medicinemann
What a blast from the past. 1959....14 day hunt....$900

From: Nick Muche
That was a fun video to watch!

From: Matt
That is cool, thanks for posting. Brings back memories.

Pretty cool video!!

Took my bear at Karluk in 2014 with Scott Mileur. He said we were camping nearly on top of their old cabin and camp site.

That’s was fun to watch

From: kota-man
Awesome video…The book is a great read.

From: Zackman
Cool to see some areas you have walked over decades before you were there.

From: AKmtnhunter
I commented on this video a couple weeks ago on YouTube! Fantastic footage of a wonderful place, I'll be on the southern end of Kodiak this coming fall.

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