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From: Paul@thefort
READ AND WEEP, SIT ON YOUR HANDS AND TAKE IT: The Wildlands Project Returns Posted on September 15, 2022 by American Stewards of Liberty

"While Congress was passing the Inflation Reduction Act (Inflation Act) last month that included $20 Billion for the climate crisis conservation programs, the radical left was rolling out the next targeted phase of their attack to achieve 30×30 (permanently protect 30 percent of our lands and oceans by 2030). This one is focused on the western federal lands.

An article entitled “Rewilding the American West,” (Rewild) was strategically released in several progressive publications, and then quickly reprinted and cited by others around the time the Inflation Act was passed. The Oxford Academia Journal Bio-Science was first, followed by recreational publications such as Outside Magazine, and then the international World Economic Forum.

The plan is to remove livestock grazing, mining, oil and gas, timber production and eventually recreation, from the western federal lands, and prioritize these areas for wolves and beavers. They have identified 11- 5000 square-kilometer reserves that total approximately 13.5 million acres. These reserves are to be connected, with additional federal land acquisitions and conservation easements on private lands, to create continuous wildlife corridors from Mexico to Canada.

The Rewild plan also fits nicely with the Sagebrush Sea Network advanced by green groups a few years back, covering the greater sage grouse habitat across the west. This plan touches the 13 states and takes in over 150 million acres. The two together take in most of the western states.

The timing of the Rewild rollout coincides with the passage of the Inflation Act and is likely not a coincidence. It is also probable that this has been the plan all along, the announcement of which was put on hold when the Build Back Better Act and the green new deal appeared to be dead.

We can thank Bill Gates for saving the green agenda. He is taking credit for convincing Senator Manchin (D-WV) to pass the lighter version. It should be no surprise then, that livestock grazing is first on the chopping block. After all, Gates has significant investments in plant-based meat companies and funds efforts to convince people to stop eating beef. Just like the Robber Barons of the Industrial Age, Bill Gates is bankrolling the environmental movement to drive out the competition.

The Rewild report advocates a series of steps necessary to implement the plan.

“Based on our analysis, we suggest a rewilding plan for the proposed reserve network that includes: (1) retiring livestock grazing allotments on federal land within the proposed reserve network; (2) protecting, reestablishing, or recovering gray wolves, especially within the network; and (3) reintroducing beaver in suitable habitat within the network.”

Following this will be the removal of the extractive industries and recreational uses.

“In addition to eliminating the adverse effects of livestock grazing within the identified reserve network, it would be important to limit resource extraction industries and off-road vehicles.”

Without off-road vehicles, hunters and recreationists are left to access these areas solely on foot. However, the hunters will eventually be paired down as well. Wolves will be replacing them as the preferred natural solution to control wildlife populations.

“Moreover, adding and preserving wolves could assist in the natural control of overabundant native ungulates.”

The Rewilding campaign has its roots in the radical green agenda known as the “Wildlands Project” uncovered in the 1990’s. This plan would move humans into limited, self-sustained population areas, leaving the majority of America’s lands off limits from human use. It would have succeeded had it not been for some of our compatriots in the property rights movement exposing the agenda and convincing members of the Senate to oppose the 1992 U.N. Biodiversity Treaty that contained the plan. Biden’s 30×30 agenda has once again revived this radical agenda.

The Rewild report justifies the plan as follows:

“After taking office, President Biden signed an executive order announcing his America the Beautiful plan to conserve 30% of US land and water by 2030. He challenged Americans to collaboratively “conserve, connect, and restore the lands, waters, and wildlife upon which we all depend” at a national scale (US Departments 2021, p. 9). Here, we take a major step in advancing President Biden’s plan by envisioning a bold and science-based rewilding of publicly owned federal lands (hereafter, federal lands) in the American West. Beyond concerns for human survival and flourishing, a principled commitment to the natural world and a sense of moral urgency underpins the motivation for our proposal.”

The Inflation Act funds many key components of the green new deal, including conservation programs dedicated to mitigating climate change and curtailing livestock emissions, as well as a new climate conservation corps, which can employ thousands of eager woke-approved activists to help usher in the rewilding agenda.

How will they get this done? They will do this piece-by-piece, at the local, state, and regional levels. Wherever the federal land management agencies are revising, amending or approving plans and projects, expect to see an increased effort to push cattle and people off the land to be replaced by the wolf, beaver, and sage grouse.

And, if they fail before the President’s term expires, be watching for the designation of a new National Monument that will make the million-acre Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument in Utah look miniscule. Or, possibly we will see several smaller national monuments that conveniently connect and align with the Rewild and Sagebrush Sea proposed reserves.

What is the first step for Americans to protect their community from this land grab? Pass the local government resolution opposing 30×30 for all counties within the target zone of the 11 proposed Rewild Reserves and the Sagebrush Sea. Get your community educated and be on alert for efforts, even small ones, to remove humans from the lands. "

In Canada they are using “threatened” Caribou and Indigenous land claims as the main tools for implementing the 30x30 plan. Also paid for by inflating the money supply and cudgelling the people into submission. WEF and UN plans hard at work all over the Western World!

Wow, now it’s a ‘Climate crisis’….Interesting!

Kinda puts reality to why the BHA was doing sage grouse studies.

It’d be nice to hear Randy Newbergs opinion on this. He seems to be quite comfy with the BHA. And, I’m sure he’s up to par on this potential legislation.

I’m not saying he’s for or against it. But, preserving wild lands seems to be a big thing with his agenda. But, this isn’t conservation as I read it. It’s preservation. Which holds little value to any entity in this scale.

From: Aspen Ghost
Does the plan include removing all residential developments from wintering areas/migration corridors? Removal of all ski/snowboard areas? And mountain bike trails? And ATV trails? And snowmobile areas? And fishing access? And hiker/backpacker/photographer trails? And camping? Will the Rainbow people have to meet in downtown Boulder instead of Forest lands? And what about all those people who flock to Colorado to watch Bobcats? Besides, rancher, miners, oil/gas companies and hunters, there's a whole lot of interest groups that would be adversely affected by this. And most of those groups think of themselves as greenies, - you know, "good" people - not "bad" people like oil drillers, ranchers and hunters.

From: Brotsky
This is what happens when you let the fringe left and right run this country. Right now are two options are :

1. This shit sandwich above.

2. Open all public lands to gas, oil, and mineral extraction or overgrazing.

Good job 'Merica!

From: Bigdog 21
Not surprised. People need to pay more attention to. The. Green deal and the one world order. You could see this coming and just the start.

From: Beendare
How can you call yourself a hunter…and vote Democrat?

From: Bigdog 21

Bigdog 21's embedded Photo
Bigdog 21's embedded Photo
It just not Deocrates

From: Paul@thefort
You can see this actually happening right now with the "connectivity" from Canada to Mexico with the reintroduction of the wolf here in Colorado. Yep, Canada to Montana, to Wyoming, to Colorado, to Arizona to Mexico. Bingo!!!!!!!! Their goal "Apex predators will manage wildlife populations" NOT Wildlife agencies or hunters.

From: Rut-N-Strut
Couldn’t have said it better myself Beendare.

From: sasquatch
Easy living affords idiots too much time to think up dumb S***

From: buckhammer
Rural America no longer controls the ballot box. It is now controlled by city people. Because they control it they are now making these decisions as noted above.

From: Glunt@work
"Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times."

G. Michael Hopf

From: Shaft2Long
This doesn’t flow well with their desire to cover the nation with solar panels and wind turbines.

From: HDE
How many on here need a good paying job if you can't use that money to go do the things you like to do?

Need to bring back sabertooth tigers instead of wooly mammoths and turn them loose into urban America...

From: bowyer45
A good farmer or rancher is worth 10 politicians, seems like we are getting rid of the wrong ones. I don't know where they think the food will come from if not from the farms? But yes I know they want the world population down to 500,000!

From: smarba
People pushing/making these decisions haven't a clue and will never even see first hand what's out there. They feel good "just knowing a wolf is out there running wild" or whatever. Can't we just tell them that's what's going on and let them feel good without actually having to implement the craziness?!

From: elkmtngear
"Can't we just tell them that's what's going on and let them feel good without actually having to implement the craziness"?!

Yes! Let's hire a Hollywood Producer, to take some Cherry-Picked Wolf footage ("Running free", in Slo-Mo), and use the Mainstream Media to perpetuate a bullshit narrative!

Oh...wait...already been done?

From: smarba

Some hunters voted for the far left, hard to believe.

From: spike78

spike78's Link
Alex Jones is on it.

From: Woods Walker
Why do you think they are constantly trying to disarm us?

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