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New Ternarc Bow
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goyt 10-Mar-23
From: Bowboy

Bowboy's Link
Who’s buying one if these?

Maybe Pat can do a review on it :)

From: Supernaut
It's crazy looking that's for sure.

It's funny that they captioned and narrated the guy saying "rim" instead of "limb", multiple times.....FFS.

From: BowmanMD
And the guy who demo'ed it in the video is a real world class shooter with his anchor point out in space 3 inches in front of his chin. WITH a back tension release! Very impressive.

From: 12yards
BowmanMD, who knew we've been doing it wrong all these years!

From: Dale06
There was no mention about the performance of the bow. It’s just a different way of storing and releasing energy. Maybe it’s winner, maybe not.

Hilarious ??

From: t-roy
I made something similar to that as a kid, with my erector set. :-)

From: ILbowhntr
Makes an Oneida look old school. Can’t believe I wasted 3 minutes of my life on watching that.

From: tobywon
It was like watching an old kung fu movie with Bruce Lee. The voice didn't line up with his lips.

From: huntr4477
That's a heck of a slogan, "The Ternarc Fiber Bow. Keep your eyes peeled for it"

From: scentman
I need to find my old "Erector tool box" up in the attic and build me one of those bad boys!

From: Inshart
"It's funny that they captioned and narrated the guy saying "rim" instead of "limb", multiple times"

Kind of like "flyed lice" LOL

Guess I'll wait to see what else comes up.

From: casekiska
Certainly a thought provoking creation. Is it better? How? My first reaction is, does archery need something like this? I'm not convinced it does!

From: Will
Gotta be honest, it would look cool with an ASAT dip job... ;)

I think I like the rims on a home made Osage bow better.

From: Rut Nut
That thing is so clumsy looking! Don’t think it would be very practical in a hunting situation! : (

From: APauls
Does it come in more than a 16" draw length? lol Most awkward shooting I've ever seen. Imagine dragging that thing through some thick brush. What could go wrong?

From: cptbs
If they add a hitch attachment that bow can double as a bike rack for an e bike.

From: Bou'bound
My money is that Cory already has two in both camo and a solid target color

From: Pat Lefemine
Skynet needs a better spokesman.

From: Starfire
It does not look like it even has any let off. According to the draw it has some but very little. with that I doubt whether it will catch on. Looks heavy too.

From: JTreeman

JTreeman's embedded Photo
JTreeman's embedded Photo
More than one way to skin a cat…


From: fuzzy
Straight Shooter "hirarious"

From: DanaC
Next thing ya know they'll be using compressed air to propel arrows. Oh wait...

From: t-roy
“Flyed lice” “rim” “hirarious”

Now I’m questioning wether “erector” is the proper pronunciation….

From: PECO2
What a hideous contraption. Did a coyote order this from Acme?

There’s no way it will ever catch on at only 20% let off. Nobody who’s used to shooting a compound would be able to shoot it, and nobody who’s used to a single-string would be willing to.

I wish I could unsee that. I'm scarred for life now.

Looks a little bit like those gearhead pieces of crap

From: Old Bow
My old Dyna Bow looks better than that

From: goyt
Almost no power stroke. That has to produce very little energy.

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