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Quebec Caribou update ?
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Squash 11-Mar-23
Frenchman 13-Mar-23
APauls 13-Mar-23
From: Squash
A friend talked yesterday with Ray Halbritter, head of the Oneida Indian Nation in NY ,Turning Stone Casino. Halbritter use to organize here in NY, winter caribou hunting trips with the local First Nation tribes in northern Quebec. My friend asked him what was going on with the Quebec caribou herds, and if they are at low population levels ? As others here have stated , he said it is all political. His take was that after the Canadian Gov. gave the Inuits the Nunavut territory, now other 1st nation tribes want exclusive territories of their own, and the Gov. has so far refused to do so.

I’m don’t know if this is the reason for the hunting ban, but believe Halbritter would have knowledge of what’s happening . I know Jack Hume post here sometimes, maybe he can shed more light on this ?

From: Frenchman
Extremely unlikely to reopen - politics mainly. Glad I was able to go when it was there... --Frenchman who lives in Quebec and works in caribou country...

From: APauls
Nunavut has a commercial caribou harvest. They are paid to kill caribou.

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