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Bowsiters in BOWHUNTER
Whitetail Deer
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Bou'bound 11-Mar-23
Jaquomo 11-Mar-23
Charlie Rehor 11-Mar-23
Jaquomo 11-Mar-23
Paul@thefort 12-Mar-23
PK 13-Mar-23
jmiller 13-Mar-23
Rgiesey 13-Mar-23
From: Bou'bound
To both ciders have great articles in the new issue of bowhunter magazine

both Eyad and Matt Palmquist knocked it out of the park on their respective stories. Very talented.

From: Jaquomo
Yep, as usual, solid work from these two.

Don’t forget Jason Stafford from Cody, WY. He shot a giant bear with Matt on that hunt.

From: Jaquomo
J Staff is a fine writer in his own right as is his neighbor Ron Niziolek.

From: Paul@thefort
It takes a lot or word-smithing and talent to product a good/readable hunting story that puts you right there. Nicely done my all.

From: PK
nicely done!!!

From: jmiller
Love reading a well-written story!

From: Rgiesey
I’m going to resuscribe to bowhunter because some of my friends write articles for them. But my new favorite bowhunting writer just sold hit first article. If it’s not good I’ll blame my friend Ron because he probably helped quite a bit. Youngest son Lucas has a lot of adventures to pull from. Hopefully he writes worthwhile stories.

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