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125 grn .Meathead exp. /elk
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1Longbow 11-Mar-23
Groundhunter 11-Mar-23
Huntsolo 11-Mar-23
From: 1Longbow
Anyone used the 125 gun. Megameat expandable on elk? Wife will be shooting a crossbow. Thank you for all replies

From: Groundhunter
I shoot a crossbow. It knocks the crap out of an animal. I am sure it would be fine.

My bow shoots 400 fps .my compound was not even close. Pigs and deer all pass thrus all the time. 125 Ram Cats

From: Huntsolo
I have not used them on elk but have on a deer. It was impressive to say the least. I wouldn’t use them on an elk though, definitely not stout enough.

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