Arizona Commissioner Tag Auctions: Bison
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From: StickFlicker

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For those that may be interested, this Saturday Arizona Commissioner tags (365 day - statewide tags) will be auctioned for Bison, Black Bear, and Javelina at the Arizona Bowhunters Association Fundraising Banquet. It's my understanding that bidders or their designated proxy must be present in person to bid. For Arizona residents not interested in bidding for these tags, come and support bowhunting in our state and have the chance to wind bows, guns, equipment and other guided hunts! Last call for tickets.

From: TEmbry
Will they have people in place to take phone bids by proxy? I have a good friend interested in the bison tag but definitely won’t be able to be there in person.

From: StickFlicker

Typically, those out-of-state hunters that are interested will contact the guide they would plan to use and pay for the guide to go to the banquet and bid on the tag. However, they can probably work something out for him to bid remotely. I'll message you a name and phone number that he can call.

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