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MT question
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Cheesehead Mike 30-Mar-23
From: Scoot
I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this question, but I'm going to ask just in case... In MT if we apply as a party, we all have to apply for the same thing, right? We can't have two of us in the party apply for an "Elk combo" and one of us apply for a "Big game combo", correct?

From: sbschindler
yes all for same thing

From: Brijake
How many preferences points will it take to draw either combo tag is another question! Especially with the Outfitter draw.

From: Jeck
sbschindler - I respectfully disagree with you. We had a group of 4 last year. Two applied for big game combo, other two applied for Elk Combo only. You can do it, because both tags come out of the same allotment. We also applied for a limited elk unit as well during this drawing.

I called on it last year to find out before we applied. I didnt think you could do it either, but you can.

BTW - we all drew our tags last year too. Hope this helps... sorry the info was late. I didnt see this post until now.

From: sbschindler
well I guess you can, I guess I was only thinking of applying for a permit in a limited draw area

So when you apply for the LE tag do you do it at the same time you apply for your combo license or is there a second application you fill out for the LE tag after you draw your combo license?

From: Smtn10PT
same time Mike

Thank you!

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