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Bad Lottery Ticket
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Darrell 15-Mar-23
Bghunter00 15-Mar-23
sticksender 15-Mar-23
hawg 15-Mar-23
Bowfinatic 15-Mar-23
midwest 15-Mar-23
PushCoArcher 15-Mar-23
Darrell 15-Mar-23
Buckdeer 15-Mar-23
Shrewski 15-Mar-23
Straight Shooter 15-Mar-23
South Farm 15-Mar-23
Basil 15-Mar-23
Jethro 15-Mar-23
Tilzbow 15-Mar-23
Zim 16-Mar-23
smarba 16-Mar-23
Verdehunter3 16-Mar-23
elkmtngear 16-Mar-23
KHunter 23-Mar-23
Brotsky 23-Mar-23
PushCoArcher 23-Mar-23
Jeremy 29-Mar-23
From: Darrell
Well, I just tied up $842 knowing I will get most of it back in a couple months. Any one else make your annual $69 donation to NMG&F in the slim hopes of hitting the DIY non resident NM lottery?

I've never bought a lottery ticket in my lifetime and doubt I ever will, yet year after year, (Unless I believe I have a good chance to draw in CO or WY) I spend money in the state where I grew up in, even though I know the odds of me not losing the $69 are almost guaranteed. You would think at my age I would be smarter than that. But to quote a famous philosopher, Jim Carrey "So you're telling me there's a chance?" Yes, sometimes I wonder about my sanity. :)

From: Bghunter00
Ha! Yep, I sent my donation in as well for elk and deer. I have my fingers crossed that you will draw that CO archery tag too!

From: sticksender
Insanely, I'll be doing the same ;-) Have been putting it off 'til near the end of the app period.

From: hawg
Made my annual charitable donation to NMG&F as well. Figure they need it for their fish stocking program anyway.

Elk sheep and Ibex here Ouch

From: midwest
Sometimes I wonder if the odds of drawing the state lottery are better and then could just buy a landowner tag.

From: PushCoArcher
Once you buy the non refundable license you might as well apply for everything that interest you. I applied for elk, deer, antelope, bighorn sheep, oryx, and auodad wad over 5 grand in fees. But that's why God made 0% interest credit cards. The odds of drawing 1 tag is ridiculously low much less multiple.

From: Darrell
Push, I hear you. However, elk is the only thing that will motivate me to drive back to NM. I did however, take the low odds principle into applying for CO and WY. If I were to draw a NM tag, I have time to withdraw my WY app. If I draw my CO tag, I'll likely burn or donate my NM tag unless I drew my first choice. If I really hit the lottery and drew my first choice, I might just have to take a Sabbatical for the month of September and try to do both. However, the chances of me ever drawing my first choice unit again in my lifetime are horrendous so I am not too worried about that.

From: Buckdeer
We have drawn just enough NM tags to keep us donating,Some tags I think you could buy all the raffle tickets for some of the big tags,I won a moose in CO for 100.00

From: Shrewski
Too much planned this year to throw a NM wrench into the works.

$842 that’s all, you got off easy!

From: South Farm
I took the sure bet and went in on half a beef.

From: Basil
Yep me too. Closer to $1200 for elk & deer. Insane

From: Jethro
The reward of a NM elk tag is certainly worth the risk of $82 non refundable.

From: Tilzbow
I drew the Gila 2 out of 3 times applying from 2007 to 2017. Other than that I’ve had really bad luck all over the west including my home state of NV. Anyway, there’s always a chance and $82 is definitely worth throwing away based on the pay back.

From: Zim
I am about assured a WY general tag this year with 5.33 points, but also noticed the one week overlap with NM. So if I were to gamble in NM it would make sense to do it this year. Passed last few. Reluctantly taking time to review hunts but will still likely wait until last day if I send a donation.

From: smarba
Last day was yesterday... ***edit** Wow, where the heck did I get the 15? Must have shifted a week from past reminders I had on my calendar. My bad.

From: Verdehunter3
Actually the last day is the 22nd….

From: elkmtngear
We drew in 2016, 2019, and 2020. And my hunting partner had drawn in 2015 as well...Mr. Lucky!

Always 3rd choice, same unit?

By those odds, we should be due ???

From: KHunter
yes, sent $4700 to NM as a short term loan to g&f today.

From: Brotsky
Gotta pay to play...rolling the dice on multiple species again in 2023. It is the land of enchantment after all:)

From: PushCoArcher

PushCoArcher's embedded Photo
PushCoArcher's embedded Photo
Well odds will be worse then normal this year. 24 hour extension because of all the procrastinators who waited till the last second in hopes of getting refunds to their CC before any charges crashed the sight.

From: Jeremy
I totally understand the appeal of trying your luck, even when the odds are against you. It's like that old saying goes, "you can't win if you don't play!" But it's great that you're supporting a cause you believe in, and who knows - maybe this will be the year you finally hit the jackpot! BTW, have you heard of w88? It's a reputable online sportsbook and lottery platform that you might want to check out. They have a great track record of fairness and security, so you can feel confident playing with them.

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