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Open Season Show in Wisconsin Dells
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Adrenaline Russ 21-Mar-23
Zebrakiller 21-Mar-23
bghunter 21-Mar-23
casekiska 21-Mar-23
Groundhunter 21-Mar-23
mooseslayer 21-Mar-23

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Adrenaline Russ's embedded Photo

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Hey Bowsiters, if anyone is in the Dells area this weekend, stop by for a chat. I believe there will be a bunch of us Bowsite Sponsors at the show. Adrenaline will be at Booth 1104.

Russ Mehling - Adrenaline Outfitters

From: Zebrakiller
See you there

From: bghunter
Wish I could make it up.

From: casekiska
I'll be at the show - only 45 minutes away. I did go last year, much bigger and more eventful than the expo when it's been in other locations.

From: Groundhunter
I think I will drive down on Sat. Hope it's worth it.

From: mooseslayer
I will try to make it on Saturday.

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