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Another coyote attack?
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Bent arrow 26-Mar-23
Sounds like a couple toddlers got grabbed yesterday in Scottsdale…

Local Wildlife said it’s likely that the coyote involved had been fed illegally and had no fear of humans.

I hope those feeding coyotes will take note, take responsibility and take action (by which I mean simply knocking that $#!+ off)…

But I think about it and people feed bears. They feed foxes. They feed coyotes. How long ‘til the start feeding wolves?

Because I don’t think they’re gonna stop. Even when a child gets killed, it will be the humans’ fault for being in “their territory”. Blame the Victim, anyone?

From: scentman
I mean this with all honesty when I say a toddler is a walking food scent source to predators... think what those little ones look like after mown down any food... their hands and faces all smothered with barbecue sauce, ice cream, etc.

From: fuzzy
When I worked for the Virginia Department of Health (through the 25 plus years long raccoon rabies pandemic) we constantly dealt with people feeding, making pets of, and "rescuing" wild raccoons. We posted flyers, posted online, ran newspaper ads stories. People still fed them, still got bitten or otherwise exposed, had Domestic animals exposed and still had to deal with 3 and 6 months pet quarantine, euthsnizing pets, losing pets and livestock, and paying tens of thousands of dollars for post exposure vaccines and RIG treatments.

From: Highlife
Looks like the same coyote from what I read. Wiley coyote try that around here my dogs would tear his azz apart.

Cecil saved a Howell boy one time!!!

From: Chuckster

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Turn your sound on. The child is just off screen when attacked but you can see his shadow when the coyote grabbed him.

From: fuzzy
Justin there is no way to know for sure he was in actual danger. I'm sure glad I was able to help him out with preventive care though. Those folks made a bad orginal call in my opinion.

From: RK
Very strange stuff. Arizona is a huge gun friendly state. Why this has just not been dealt with naturally I have no idea

I live on the Texas coast. During the last five years I have killed three coyotes at point blank range when they followed one of my Labradors back to the truck on the beach and growled at me when I tried to run them off

These people in Arizona are acting like they are defenseless. I don't get it

Hope the kids are ok

From: LBshooter
Any animal habituated to being fed by humans is a bad idea. When they approach and no food is given they attack, beit a coon or coyote . Sounds like some howlers need to be taken out the reporter gave some ideas to scare off coyotes, but, he forgot to mention a 9 mm lol

From: shade mt
suburb america......coyotes running around on blacktop and concrete, attacking kids.....

nothing a lead pill doesn't fix....but in suburbia....that's kinda hard to do i guess.

“… but in suburbia....that's kinda hard to do i guess.”

Well, there are always a few more safety considerations…. You’d be surprised how comfortable people become with trapping and shooting once they feel as though their pet, their child or they personally are at risk….

But you know how we humans are - most things tha scare others are dismissed as imaginary threats until we start feeling scared ourselves.

From: Catscratch
With good habitat and population controls in the wilds mist animals don't expand into suburbia. It's silly to put their children and pet at risk due to miss management.


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That Az. attack is scary for sure.


From: Groundhunter
We kill coyotes year round.

From: Bent arrow
Too many of um have disney syndrome. Humans are just food to these critters. Control the population or suffer the consequences. We kill um all.

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