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Colorado elk preference points
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Smtn10PT 30-Mar-23
Jethro 30-Mar-23
Fastfreddy 30-Mar-23
PushCoArcher 30-Mar-23
Jethro 30-Mar-23
ZanWang 01-Apr-23
DoRightBoy 02-Apr-23
crestedbutte 03-Apr-23
butcherboy 03-Apr-23
LKH 03-Apr-23
Trying to figure out how to apply for a preference point for elk in Colorado. I have two points and I just want to apply for another one this year. Website is confusing and I can't find the info I need. Can anyone help?

From: Smtn10PT
(animal)P 999 99P

From: Jethro
Enter the preference point code as your first choice. Code for elk point is E-P-999-99-P

Perfect, than you so much guys.

From: Fastfreddy
As a nonresident to Colorado, reading in the book I didn't see where I am required to buy a habitat stamp and qualifying license for a preference point like I have in years past. Is this true?

From: PushCoArcher
No you need both to be able to apply for rhe point.

From: Jethro
Yup, need qualifying license. If you're not 65 yet the habitat stamp will get automatically added on when you buy the qualifying license.

From: ZanWang

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Can I use that Sonic exe code? Or is it only for one person?

From: DoRightBoy

From: crestedbutte
Fastfreddy…..yep you gotta buy the qualifying license and habitat stamp first or the system won’t allow you to put in your application for pref. point only or the draw. It’s a “money grab” plain and simple.

From: butcherboy
I just saw this post today! Thanks for the reminder. This year will give me 17 points for elk and 5 for deer. I should have over 22 points for elk but I missed some years here and there.

From: LKH
If you go on their site and try to get a point without a qualifying license they won't let you proceed.

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