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Insulated leather boot options
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From: craigmcalvey
I’ve always used neoprene of rubber boots for deer hunting. Longest walk to a stand is 1/2-3/4 mile. If price isn’t a factor, what other option than neoprene is warm and dry? I would prefer not to have boot covers. I do hunt a couple very wet areas and obviously the muck boots would go there still. Open to suggestions.


From: Rut-N-Strut
Not sure about the warmth factor so much but I’ve used my snake boots in swamps almost as high as the boot and stayed bone dry. They are very comfortable once broken in. I believe I have Rockys

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From: DanaC
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You said it Craig. Leather and insulation is plenty dry. So are combination leather boots. They can be warm. Much warmer than any rubber boot because they breathe better. So, I’d find a pair I liked and buy them.

I’m not a rubber or muck boot fan when it comes to hunting. It’s simply too steep here and I gotta walk to far. So, I’ve always worn other options. Give them a try. I think you’ll find that they are far more comfortable. And, your feet will thank you for it.

I always travel with 2-3 pairs of boots…. Few years ago I forgot my regular boots on the top of the truck and drove away with out them, work found them in the parking lot 4 hours into the trip…I said ehh I’ll be fine with my rubbers…. Nope. Ended up driving 1.5 hours each way to a hunting store to get new boots. Made it down the mountain and thought I might die going back up… I made it. But my socks were ruined feet were killing me and I had to carry my rubber boots the whole way up the mountain. Wasn’t exactly “fun”.

From: air leak
For the past 15 plus years, I've worn Danners.

Wide width, GoreTex and 800 grams of Thinsulate. The boots still keep me dry.

At least twice each year, I apply a couple of coats of Sno Seal on these boots.

It does a decent job of limiting water from soaking into the leather, or the boots get heavy.

Also, the high end Danners are made in the USA.

From: Groundhunter
Danner Pronghorns 800. From Colorado to the UP best boot for my feet.

When I trapped alot, I would wear out any boot with neoprene in a season.

From: Franzen
For the walking you describe, I don't see why you wouldn't stick with what you are doing. If it is really steep terrain, maybe not; you didn't elaborate. I don't find that leather boots result in long-term moisture resistance. If you have Mucks, maybe try a different brand. Mucks are fine for what they do, but for me that is not a distance walking boot.

From: HDE
Keep in mind, if stationary, leather can get cold...

From: craigmcalvey
It’s all level ground hunting. My mucks work ok, but don’t breathe at all obviously. So maybe I just need to buy some leathers and try them out . All my hunting is from tree stands.

From: Supernaut
I'll give another vote for the Danners.

I bought a pair for this past season and really like them. They were very comfortable and kept my feet warm. I ended up getting my son a pair as well.

I should add that I hunt in PA and mostly from my portable so I'm not putting on miles in the Rocky Mountains in my boots. I do walk a couple miles a day hunting sometimes and had zero comfort issues.

From: Pop-r
I have a couple pairs of them Danners (13M) still in the box if someone so high on them wanted to buy them. One of them has about a mile on them.

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