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Handgun in bow case
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From: Sipes38
I am flying out for a bow hunt and would like my handgun to be in my bow case when I check it. If flying with a SKB bow case, could I place the handgun in an accessory pouch and use non-TSA locks on the SKB? Will this cause issues if the handgun is declared when checking the case? Really don’t want a bigger case than necessary and trying to avoid a double case or a gun/bow case. Not sure if I go with a smaller case, if another hard case for the handgun will fit in the bow case. Thanks for any insight in advance.

From: Meat Grinder
You need to check both the TSA website as well as your airline's website for the exact details regarding flying with a firearm.

Each individual airport also has their particular routine. Some are simple, some more complex. Make sure you get there plenty early. By the time I got through the check-in process at the Denver airport in 2019. my flight was boarding.

Enjoy your trip.

From: RK
Meat Grinder is spot on

This place is great for opinions but unfortunately those opinions many times are off center a little. Check with your airlines and have fun

Why not put cheap TSA locks on your bow case? That's what I do. Declare it... piece of cake. Ed F

From: Blood
Put it in a locked box inside the bow case, which you also lock. Declare it and move on. My son does that when he flies to hunt. Easy.

From: pav
Blood - "Put it in a locked box inside the bow case, which you also lock. Declare it and move on. My son does that when he flies to hunt. Easy."

Exactly right...that plan has always worked well for me.

From: Coondog
Either put it in a little lock box in your bow case or you can leave it in the case without it. Still have to declare it obviously. Never ever put TSA locks on anything with a firearm in it (I wouldn’t do it with just a bow either). If they want to open my case to check it, I’m going to be the one to open it and stand there until they are done to make sure they don’t f with anything. Then I’m going to be the one to close it and lock it again. Never allow anyone to look at your weapon(s) without you being present to make sure everything goes well.

From: Matt
I wouldn't put a locked case in a locked case as it just eats up space for other gear, but that's just me. I've flown a few times with just the TSA locks on my SKB double bow case with no issues.

Some airports have their TSA screening in a secure area (Philadelphia, San Jose), so it is good to research the airports you are flying out of on both ends. In San Jose they ask that you wait 15-20 minutes before heading through security in case they need your keys to open your case (if you use non-TSA recognized locks), so plan accordingly if either of your departure airports require that. If you use non-TSA locks on the case, make sure you have one for every spot that will accept a lock.

From: TEmbry
The case size doesn’t matter, and technically firearm locks should NOT be tsa locks as you are supposed to be the only one able to open it. That being said, I’ve flown with a firearm in a tsa lock case over a dozen times without them calling me out on it.

You can absolutely fly a pistol along side your bow in a hard sided case with a lock on each side without issue. Ammo must be in ammo box not in the magazine

From: Beendare
I use a loved pistol case inside my Luggage or Sitka Nomad.

Heck, I've been on flights from small airports in AK like Magrath or King Salmon where I saw guys pack a pistol under their jacket right on the plane- no screening. I've never felt more confident that a hijacking wasn't going to happen.

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