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Tidewe Hunting Blinds
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Groundhunter 06-Apr-23
Frenchman 06-Apr-23
huntr4477 06-Apr-23
Buglemaster 06-Apr-23
TonyBear 06-Apr-23
Teeton 06-Apr-23
AccMan 06-Apr-23
Huntcell 06-Apr-23
From: Groundhunter
Considering one. 3/4 see thru. Any opinions here on any one with experience with one. Thanks in advance.

From: Frenchman
I just got mine - still in the box - will set it up for turkeys in10 days or so..

From: huntr4477
I'm also interested. I keep seeing ads for them, but I don't know anyone who owns one.

From: Buglemaster
Mine is on the way.

From: TonyBear
I picked up my second one from Barnett at Fleet Farm, on sale locally for $119, (down from $179) plus a coupon got it for about 100 bucks.

From: Teeton
At this point I'm only guessing this. But I think Tidewe don't make anything, just buys products and puts their name on them The reason I say this is I saw another blind company as what look to be the exact same blind.,. I too was/am interested in a Tidewe blind and wanted to know a few things about there 2 small blind, as their web-site pretty much only post pictures. I emailed, got no reply. I post on an facebook ad, got no reply. I called, twice and got a voice mail (ladies voice), then it saying voice mail box full. I would goggle the reviews on them. I wish someone would make a blind like the old Double Bull blind that had the 2 oval windows in each corner, can't remember the model name of that blind. I got three blinds and that one double bull I talked about I can get away with a lot of movement in it. Would love to see a blind with the oval windows in the corners and see thru walls. Ed

From: AccMan
I've got the TIDWE see through, bought and turkey hunted out of it last season. The blind is OK, just small for a bowhunter. I also found it hard to put up, just guessing because of the size. The quality is OK and I liked the sliding windows.

From: Huntcell
the best blind a turkey ever step in front of, made by TBM, are they still available?

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