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1st Mathews bow
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Papadeerhtr 07-Apr-23
Charlie Rehor 07-Apr-23
Bou’bound 07-Apr-23
Pat Lefemine 07-Apr-23
APauls 07-Apr-23
PECO2 07-Apr-23
Bigdog 21 07-Apr-23
casekiska 07-Apr-23
Cheesehead Mike 07-Apr-23
Shaft2Long 07-Apr-23
From: Papadeerhtr
Just traded for a Halon X , never owned a Mathews . Is the Halon models good bows? It does shoot very smooth and quiet. Haven't got it all setup yet, but like the feel of it.

Great bow for sure. Get it set up at a good pro shop and it will shoot real well. Good for you. C

From: Bou’bound
what if we said it was the worst of the line historically and seldom survives the original owner. Fortunately that's not the case, but you are not looking for information at this point you are seeking validation.

From: Pat Lefemine
Rough crowd!

It's a great bow. Might want to bring it to a pro shop to check the strings and cables and let them do a quick tune on it. Good luck.

From: APauls
It’s honestly tough to find a bad bow built in the last 15 years. After that it’s just how does it feel for you. It feels good, you’re good.

From: PECO2
I don't know about the Halon, but the Drenalin was a nice bow. Mathews is one of the big 3, so there you have it. Just don't become a fanboy and think Mathews is the only option and above all the others, because they aint.

From: Bigdog 21
O my. I did the same thing once, never again. but I was forgived. Good luck :)))

From: casekiska
I don't know that any particular brand is the best bow. Maybe Mathews. Maybe Hoyt. Maybe XXXX. It's all a big question mark! What I do know is that the last few new bows I have purchased have been Mathews bows and I have had no regrets doing so. They work for me and I've gotta be satisfied with that! What more can anyone ask? I'm thinking another brand might have worked just as well, or maybe another brand would not have. I don't know, but I do know these Mathews bows did what I asked and what I expected. For me, lately, Mathews has been the best brand. They have done what I asked them to do and that's all any archer can ask from their tackle.

I bought a new Halon 6 in 2016. After shooting a Mathews MQ1 since 1998. I'll be the first to admit that tuning the Halon to get fixed blade broad heads to impact with my field points gave me fits for awhile. I wasn't familiar with the tophat system that Mathews now uses and my pro shop wasn't familiar with swapping out tophats to tune the bow even though they are probably one of the biggest Mathews dealers in the Wisconsin/Minnesota area. I learned how to tune it through my own research, watching YouTube videos, etc. After buying the master tophat kit and implementing what I learned through my research I got it tuned so that fixed blade heads and field points are impacting the same out to 100 yards plus. I've killed many animals with it and it shoots and performs very well but I certainly did my share of hair pulling when I first got it. With the 6" brace height it's definitely less forgiving to bad shooting form than my old MQ1 was. I believe it has made me a better archer. I believe yours has a 7" brace height so it shouldn't be quite as finicky. Learning how to tune it with the tophat system is the key and once you figure that out it's actually pretty simple to tune. Hopefully yours has already been tuned with the tophats, otherwise it's something you should look into. Good luck, it's a great bow!

From: Shaft2Long
The Halon X is a great bow. I owned one. 35” axle to axle and a 7” brace height, a real good do it all bow. A little more vibration than the shorter versions. Really like the burly look of the halon series risers.

As stated previously the top hat system is the key. Set the center shot of your arrow to 13/16” from the inside edge of the riser and the arrow shaft through the center of the Berger hole and use the shims to correct any tears. Shim the cams in the direction of the paper tear. The top cam has a larger effect on the rear than the bottom.

Anyway, yeah, it’s a good bow.

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