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Best western state to build points
Mule Deer
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Tony 10-Apr-23
'Ike' (Phone) 11-Apr-23
Saxon 11-Apr-23
WI Shedhead 11-Apr-23
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Michael 11-Apr-23
Tony 12-Apr-23
TEmbry 12-Apr-23
BTP 12-Apr-23
DonVathome 13-Apr-23
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Tony 13-Apr-23
wildwilderness 14-Apr-23
Tracker 14-Apr-23
YZF-88 14-Apr-23
'Ike' 14-Apr-23
Zim 16-Apr-23
From: Tony
Looking for opinions on the best option for a state to start building mulie points. I realize I'm super late to the party with the point game, but it is what it is. What I'm looking for is a rugged mountain hunt where I'm not tripping over other hunters. I don't really care that much about a big deer, I just want a good experience. Thankfully I already can hunt big mulies every year OTC, but it's prairie hunting, and I would love to do one mountain hunt in the next 5-10 years. I had started to buy points in WY, but only have 1 so far and am not sure that's the best idea.


Ponzi scheme….However with the current winter, it may be a good time! That said, my pick is NV!!!

From: Saxon
California. Nobody in their right mind would buy non resident points in this state, so you have an excellent chance of drawing. As stated, all are nothing but a Ponzi scheme and I wish I hadn't gotten into it and donated thousands of dollars.

From: WI Shedhead
I started in 2005 in 9 different states and roughly 30 different hunts. Over those years I’ve gotten a few good tags but was mainly using the system as a savings account for my kids and myself. Hoping to have some great hunts in the next twenty years god willing if I last that long. Thier is no manic state. Pick a species or 5, decide whether you want nothing but the best trophy hunts or just want to chase critters, and make a plan and get after it. Guaranteed by missing draws your not gonna get any closer to your goals. Also look into Idaho and New Mexico Thiers no point systems thier

From: Predeter
My advice would be not to build points. Lots of high country hunts can be had with 0-3 points. They all mostly suck but in the time it would take you to draw anything better you'll probably stumble into a decent spot or two and you'll actually be hunting instead of waiting.

From: Michael
I have had good hunts in Utah with a general tag. No giants were seen but it sure was fun chasing around forkies and 4 x 4’s in the mountains.

I also have had good hunts in Co drawing a 2nd choice tag.

So there isn’t a need to build points since you are looking for the experience instead of a 200” deer. Couldn’t tell you what it’s like now days as I got out of the game a few Years ago.

From: Tony
Thanks for the responses. Sounds to me like picking a state, gaining a few points and then giving it a shot is my best bet, or start putting in maybe idaho since I don't need points there.

From: TEmbry
Like most things in life it’s all about perspective. Don’t start buying points thinking you will get the best tag in the state, regardless of age you may have missed the boat depending on age/species… but there are a TON of better than general tags available out west for a moderate investment of time/money. I’m not making a list of sworn enemies by naming them here publicly, but PM with specific questions about a state and I’d be more than willing to share thoughts.

From: BTP
This is such a bummer. I started 8 years ago with the plan of becoming an empty nester in 2025 and having this incredible archive of options for my 50s (still strong, done raising chillins) .

I'm still going, but I wonder what 10-15 points is going to get me. I've got that in Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona, and Utah for deer and elk. I've also got 4 points now in Montana.

Surely there are good hunts, maybe not legendary, but good hunts in those point ranges?

From: DonVathome
CO hands down, WY second (cause G and H can be good). Wy 5-10 years, CO 20+

From: Orion
That's funny Don, there won't be anything left to hunt in Colorado in 20 years

From: Tony
Region H in wyoming was kinda what I was thinking of. Obviously that would be a while before I was able to

Looks like you have already killed some good animals.

Most states it’s possible to draw an archery mule deer tag with 0-3 points.

My recommendation is pick the mountain range you want to hunt and go for it. Closer is always nicer especially if you drive.

From: Tracker
My advice would be to grab a few points in WY and CO and hunt a 2-3 point area every few years. You are never going to draw what is thought of is the top areas under the current systems.

From: YZF-88
I don’t recommend building deer point in Utah. The value of a Limited Entry point is laughable. General tags are good enough. You’ll find some good buck to chase. I see some really good bucks on heavily hunted public land every year. Killing them is a different story…but it’s possible. If you round up a posse and use radios, it’s much easier. Just make sure you hand out enough flat brims for everyone.

From: 'Ike'
"Just make sure you hand out enough flat brims for everyone."

^^^ Now that's funny!!!

From: Zim
From the ground floor you can write off NV, UT & OR. These days the best way to get your hands on any decent tag is to be wealthy and work the outfitter welfare programs.

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