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Embrace the Wolve's! CO draw #'s
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standswittaknife 16-Apr-23
jcneng 16-Apr-23
Ambush 16-Apr-23
Beendare 16-Apr-23
WapitiBob 16-Apr-23
Dollar 16-Apr-23
Orion 16-Apr-23
Jaquomo 16-Apr-23
Rock 16-Apr-23

standswittaknife's Link
Ladies and Gents... embrace those wolves as they seek the ill and deformed only...

From: jcneng
Delia Malone seems to be misinformed!

From: Ambush
Those very people should be worried if the wolves make it into the cities. Weak and sick.

From: Beendare
Ambush, you might bo on to something….wolves solving the homeless problem?

From: WapitiBob
Whining hunters and anti hunters, typical article these days.

From: Dollar
Always wonder where the stories are regarding the nonhunting enthusiast that are pouring into the woods now days and what impact they are having year round.Seems to have really exploded in the last 5 years.

From: Orion
Yeah heaven forbid they mention the impact of all the photographers, mushroom pickers, hikers, leaf peepers, and most importantly all the mountain bikers.

From: Jaquomo
CPW would love it if they could get a million elk apps. Nothing but added revenue for them, because tag numbers will stay the same. Point creep means nothing to CPW, nor does the quality of the hunting experience. Revenue is king now.

From: Rock
All this really makes me happy that I drew my Bull Moose tag a few years ago and I really feel sorry for those that will draw after the Wolves are here.

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