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Ken Moody Safaris 17-Apr-23
Ken Moody Safaris 17-Apr-23
Zebrakiller 17-Apr-23
Bou'bound 17-Apr-23
Rgiesey 17-Apr-23
Treeline 17-Apr-23
This week I received a terribly sad email from the wife of a client who had booked his dream buffalo hunt with us.

Tom was a great guy. He drove eight hours to see me at a trade show and booked his safari for cape buffalo then. Periodically, he’d email me for advise on bullets, calibers, hunt information, etc. or to just shoot the bull (pun intended).

He was very excited for his upcoming hunt and wanted everything to be in order before he arrived. I remember he was having trouble achieving a satisfactory group with his set up, but after we talked through the mounting of his scope and a few troubleshooting tips, he was spot on when back on the range.

I very much looked forward to hunting with Tom, but before the season commenced, he contacted me and told me he was having heart issues and needed a bypass. We rescheduled him for next year and then the worst possible outcome occurred.

I am taken aback by this news and am sad we couldn’t deliver Tom the hunt he so eagerly wanted.

Many people delay and put off doing those things they’ve always dreamed of, coming up with one excuse or another to put it off. Don’t wait to fulfill your dreams. Do it when you can so you can leave this world with no regrets.

I’m sorry Tom that we didn’t get the chance to pursue Nyati together, but I promise we’ll share a drink and a campfire somewhere in the ever after once this world is done with me, and spend a moment of eternity walking the track of an old dugga boy. Cheers my friend. You’ll be missed in our camp.


Ken Moody Safaris's embedded Photo
Ken Moody Safaris's embedded Photo

From: Zebrakiller
I agree Ken live your life while you can, sad news all around

From: Bou'bound
Sad. On their other hand if one has gotten to the point there is nothing left they are looking forward to they essentially have already stopped living. Never run out of dreams. Ever.

From: Rgiesey
Sad Ken! It’s later than you think!

From: Treeline
Sad news for sure. May the Good Lord ease the grief and bring peace for his family and loved ones still here.

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