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Colorado draw results
Wild Sheep
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Medicinemann 19-Apr-23
pav 20-Apr-23
BULELK1 20-Apr-23
PECO2 20-Apr-23
DJ 20-Apr-23
DonVathome 20-Apr-23
PoudreCanyon 20-Apr-23
GFL 20-Apr-23
Rickm 20-Apr-23
ahawkeye 20-Apr-23
bowhunter1 20-Apr-23
KHunter 22-Apr-23
fishnride 22-Apr-23
From: Medicinemann
I am not stealing anyone's thunder, but I already know of at least one very lucky NR archer that drew a Colorado sheep tag! I'm pretty sure that he'll be posting on Bowsite in the very near future.....

I didn't. 16year dry spell

From: pav
Also aware of a very lucky NR archer that drew a great Colorado sheep tag...but hasn't yet posted on Bowsite. Just caught up with him at the P&Y convention last week.



From: PECO2
On another bow hunting site, a very lucky resident drew sheep and goat. I think he had 9 points for each. G-12 and S-12.

From: DJ
Did we not have a one last year that did as well?

From: DonVathome
nada here

From: PoudreCanyon
No for me on both. Again…

From: GFL
My buddy drew a Ram tag…so I’ll be going with him 2nd season archery. After that the usual elk hunt.

From: Rickm
As soon as that lucky Bowsiter gets the nerve too tell his lovely wife he will be posting I am sure.

From: ahawkeye
That's a good one Rickm! And no it's not me!

From: bowhunter1
I posted on the other bowsite post that I was lucky enough to draw a Ram tag in Colorado Tom

From: KHunter
Congrats to all the lucky tag holders! Sign up to attend the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society annual Rendezvous on May 20th in Grand Junction. You will meet hundreds of sheep and goat nuts, including some who know your unit. Registration page:

While there, consider joining RMBS as we are the organization that does more than any other to put more sheep and goats on the mountain to ensure we all have these wild critters to enjoy and the very hunt opportunity you just received. Great group men and women devoted to wild sheep.

Membership has privileges! As you might imagine, knowing how rare it is to draw a tag, we go out of our way to help fellow members when their lucky numbers has been drawn to give them as much intel as possible to start scouting and hunting. We help members and non members but why not join and help the cause.

Lastly, keep an eye out for info on our annual sheep and goat hunter meet and greet event this summer, date to be determined. We connect freshly minted tag holders with experts and previous tag holders for invaluable networking and information sharing. A great way to get a leg up on your hunt preparation and make new life long friends in the process.

“Like and follow” our RMBS facebook page to keep up to date on our events and activities:

Kirby Wynn, current RMBS board member and 3x lucky sheep and 2x lucky mtn goat tag holder and hunter.

From: fishnride
DJ… yes I was the lucky Bowsiter that drew both last year. 17 years of applying

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