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Double bull blind ?
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From: #bowhunter
What's the trick for changing the rods in these blinds?

From: Paul@thefort
Depending on the model. If you can, hang the erected blind to your garage rafter or tree limb but with the floor on the ground. Pull the hub to you to relax the wall. Take off the hub plate that holds the ends of the rods in place. Slip out the damaged rod through one of the four hub holes. Pull the other end out of the bottom wall pocket. Insert the new rod into the hub hole until the rod end with the ball is seated and the other end is in the pocked. Place the plate back on and tighten the screw. Place pressure on the hub to activate the four rods that hold of the wall. Done. I have changed many hubs and rods on both the T-2 and the Dark Horse. I expect that you have ordered new rods with the metal ball end that fits into the hub.

Or, Google Search, "changing rods/hubs on Dark Horse hunting blinds"

From: Lawdog

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Here you go.

From: Matt
The trick is to disassemble and re-assemble while the blind is NOT under tension

What I can tell you is do not try to push a wall into place and expect it to hold with rod tension unless you have the screw that goes from the outside of the blind into the hub in place. This…guy I know tried it and ended up bleeding.

From: #bowhunter
Thanks Lawdog

From: drycreek
Did it heal up ok Matt ?

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