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Turkey In The Rain
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Bou’bound 23-Apr-23
Missouribreaks 23-Apr-23
grizzley21 23-Apr-23
Missouribreaks 23-Apr-23
midwest 23-Apr-23
Charlie Rehor 23-Apr-23
Blood 23-Apr-23
Gator 23-Apr-23
Ziek 23-Apr-23
Lawdog 23-Apr-23
Steve Leffler 23-Apr-23
Jasper 24-Apr-23
From: Bou’bound
What has your experience been with hunting turkey in the rain?

Light rain is excellent.

From: grizzley21
find the open fields,,,,, the turkeys will be there

And yes, they will feel most comfortable in open fields.

From: midwest
Makes for lousy hero pics.

Should be a great opener tomorrow in Massachusetts. Good luck.

From: Blood
Just wait for a nice day. More gobbles. More movement. More fun.

From: Gator
Few days I don't have turkeys on my property. especially during light to moderate rain. Yesterday no exception, several strutting gobblers pestering a number of hens.

From: Ziek
You'll get wet. Other than that, it's turkey hunting.

From: Lawdog
They do come down in the rain. It was raining light and dark. I was in the woods in a cypress pine river swamp, and just inside the upland. I was waiting a few more minutes before I started a few tree yelps. I thought with the dark they would stay in the roost a bit longer. Not so. I saw a bird 60 yards, right to left right at sunrise. I had not yet made a sound. When he did, there was a cacophony of yelps, clucks and cackles beyond the bird. Where those hens went, I do not not know. But, they left, and it was just him and me. The story is longer than what it's worth, but after working the bird for about 15-20 minutes, I eventually got a shot and killed it. Midwest is right, a wet bird is hard to make pretty. I would not change my initial strategy. I may look for open areas later in the morning.

Good luck.

My experience is they gobble less but still come. A light rain is excellent. Heavy rain usually good time to sleep in and maybe go mid morning if that is an option for you.

From: Jasper
My favorite time to hunt them is a light rain. They’ll be in openings and fields every time

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