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Turkey Hunting in Solids
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Coondog 23-Apr-23
thedude 23-Apr-23
Bigdog 21 23-Apr-23
JohnMC 23-Apr-23
crestedbutte 25-Apr-23
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From: Coondog
Is there anybody out there that hunts turkeys in solids? I’m talking about hunting from the ground, not in a blind. Any real disadvantages/negatives? Thanks.

From: thedude
When I hunt areas that are hippie villages I wear hiking clothes and put my camo top in my day pack. I get picked out much faster unless I am really brushed in. I recommend a light 3d camo top to throw over if you go solids route.

From: Bigdog 21
Yes grey's and I use a small camo burlap with rope on 4 corners to tie to trees. Quick lite fits in pack.

From: JohnMC
I've been hunting some with the bow attach decoy. And I believe black is better than camo the turkeys seem to think you're part of the decoy or another turkey. I firmly believe I get away with more wearing black than camo in this scenario.

From: crestedbutte

crestedbutte's embedded Photo
crestedbutte's embedded Photo
From the ground (no blind) in KS. Definitely, camo-up….head, face and hands. In the AM, set up facing west so the rising sun is at your back and in their eyes. Just gotta wait until their back or fan is to you before you move to draw. Other than that you have to incorporate sound hunting techniques like sitting still and don’t move much and if you do then move extra slow. It ain’t like being in a blind where you can move around like a high school girl on prom night.

I’ve used solids under my leafy suit, does that count? Without a blind is VERY doable. I’ve always killed them by using shadows, brush or large trees to my advantage. It definitely helps when vegetation has grown a bit giving you a bit of a hiding spot. I’ve killed some by waiting them out, and some by calling them into my setup, but just enough to keep them interested. Now that we don’t really have much of a population, it just doesn’t interest me as years past.

Good luck and go do it!

I’ve tried it. Notice the word tried. For two seasons. It’s a no go here. Turkeys are usually close. So close that when they notice you, they rarely stand around telescoping like they do when you wear camo.

It’s weird really. In the fall they rarely pay attention to a hunter on the ground if they have a blaze orange vest on. (Too many hunters in camp with the same experience to say otherwise.). Yet, in the spring, the slightest oddity gets zero interest. Instead, they rocket out.

WV x2

I blinked my eyes the other day and one rocketed straight up and flew out of my life! I swear I didn't move a muscle just my eyeballs. Lol!

From: Will tell
I’ve hunted in solid colors, grey, olive and browns. Black is not a option where I hunt, too many hunters. Hasn’t made much difference as long as you don’t move. I do make sure my hands and face are covered in camo.

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