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Colorado draw ?
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Arrowflinger 24-Apr-23
Jaquomo 24-Apr-23
OTC_Bowhunter 24-Apr-23
Quinn @work 24-Apr-23
cnelk 24-Apr-23
sticksender 24-Apr-23
From: Arrowflinger
A friend of mine and I use to hunt Colorado every year for elk. The last time we went was in the early 2000's. We always hunted unit 78. We are both able to get away now but learned 78 is now a draw unit and we missed the draw. So in reading the regs we have learned there will be another draw at the end of June for left over draw. My question. Would there be any tags left in Unit 78? And can we put in for them? Or is it just otc tags that are left in June. would there be any tags left in

From: Jaquomo
Look at the draw recap on the CPW website and it will show you the first draw results. If there are any left over for the later draw, know that you will need a super fast connection, be ready the moment they go on sale, and pray hard.

Don't forget that the youth get first pick. Good Luck!

From: Quinn @work
The secondary draw tag numbers are published. You just have to apply by the 2nd draw deadline. The above is not needed.

Youth do have priority in the second draw.

From: cnelk
The CPW reduced the limited archery tags for that DAU by 110 tags. Might want to factor that in

From: sticksender
In addition to the tag cuts Brad mentioned, it's also worth mentioning that there were no leftovers for that hunt after the primary draw last year. There might be some unpaid-for tags that go back in the secondary draw, but keep in mind that in the secondary draw, youth get first preference on all 4 of their choices before any adult apps are considered.

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