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From: Zbone
Utah Buck Tags

Filling out nonresident Utah Points and buying a nonresident license this year and retiring next month I thought maybe applying for one of the buck tags but been years since I researched and don't remember the difference between the "General-season Buck" and "Limited-entry Buck Deer"... I realize the Limited-entry Buck Deer is for the more premiere areas... Their Archery seasons are at the same time... Is it possible to draw both at the same time? I'm setting on bonus points of each...

Thanks for any info...

From: tkjwonta
As a non-resident it is impossible to draw more than one Utah tag. They have a specific draw order for all the species and once you get a tag, your application is removed from all the other species. So you can apply and build points for both, but can draw 1, at max, per year.

Most general season archery tags can be had for relatively few points. Limited entry is another story, the bonus tags take over 10 points, unless you pull a lucky random tag.

Shoot me a PM if you have other questions.

From: Zbone
Thanks Tyler, that clears a lot up for me... Much appreciated...

Well stated!

Hope ya draw Z,


From: HDE
General - preference points, no wait period after draw, several dozen to several hundred tags.

Limited Entry - bonus points, has a wait period after draw, higher tag fee, considered "trophy hunt", up to a dozen or two tags in most cases.

From: Zbone
Thanks Robb...

I applied for the Book Cliffs archery limited buck, and once in a lifetime Desert Bighorn...

From: YZF-88
I was just looking at the odds for the book cliffs archery tag. They are freaking crazy!!!

From: Thornton
I applied for the Neebo General season archery. Don't expect to get it first try, but hopefully will get preference point.

You can draw a general preference archery deer tag in Utah AND still draw a limited/OIL tag, just not for deer.

You can also still buy an OTC elk tag if you did not draw a Limited elk tag. And if you are lucky enough to draw a limited or OIL tag not for elk you can also still buy one.

Basically the general Deer preference draw is sort of separate from the Limited/OIL draw

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