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Last Minute SK Bear Hunts Available
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Still looking for a last minute Canadian Black bear hunt? We have the following spots still open: 6/5/23 to 6/11/23 – 2 spots 6/12/23 to 6/18/23 – 2 spots These hunts are conducted out of Buffalo Narrows, SK right in the middle of the one of the best pike fisheries in the world...certainly an awesome cast and blast experience. The hunts include: - Pick up in Saskatoon, SK - Boat transportation out to the wilderness camp, cabins, dinning cabin...right on the waterway. - All the fishing you want - High success rate for bow/rifle with about a 40% color phase - Meals and lodging. Bottom line, this is a great hunt for a couple fellas or a parent/child. Low logistics with awesome fishing mixed in. Shoot me a DM if interested in further details.

Here is the link to the hunt on our website:

From: SteveB
You should post your pricing here.

From: welka
Sent you a pm

Sorry boys....usually I'm better about posting prices. $4500 plus tags/tax 2 spots still open the week of the 5th and 12th. Only 6 hunters in camp per week which is nothing compared to amount ground being covered on boats between baits and fishing.

From: SteveB
Not to be crude, but that doesn’t seem like last minute pricing. I’m sure it’s a great hunt though.

It's a very fair price, certainly for the market value on quality black bear hunts...with good people, wilderness location accessible only by boat, great fishing....etc. And I meant the "last minute" part because the open dates are early next month, coming up fast.

From: Lone Wolf

Yes, it sure is! Still have a couple spots left for this spring if anyone wants a last minute cast and blast trip.

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