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Earth Way 2750 ??
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GFL 06-May-23
I have an Earth Way 2750 bag seeder and somehow it has a 1.5" cut in the bag. Is there anything out there that is better than duct tape to patch the rip?

From: t-roy
100mph tape or gorilla tape should work just fine. If your Earthway ever craps out on you, I’d suggest getting a Solo seeder. Works way better than the Earthway seeder, IMO.

Tenacious tape

From: Arrownoob
You might do a patch on the inside and outside w tenacious tapes

From: Starfire
Sew it up

Zip tape. Just get it right the first time. Because if you try to remove it, you are going to get a lot bigger tear.

This stuff is unbelievable. While it’s expensive, everyone should have a roll of it at home.

My Kifaru pack feel into the heater in our tent and burnt the belt 2/3rds in two. I taped it up with zip tape. I’ve packed 5 deer in it since then for roughly 15 miles total. It’s holding as strong today as three years ago. It’ll be bonding as strong 20 years from now too. Impervious to water as well.

From: GFL
I’m with T Roy…..I have both and only use my Solo.

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