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Parker Sidekick XP
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Old Reb 05-May-23
x-man 06-May-23
TonyBear 06-May-23
BC173 06-May-23
spike78 07-May-23
From: Old Reb
I have a Parker Sidekick XP that my son out grew years ago. Someone has interest in buying it. Does anyone have any idea what it is worth?

From: x-man
In good shape it's worth half of new. I sold a bunch of those... If it needs new strings and some TLC, then $50-$100 depending on if it's bare or setup.

From: TonyBear
My daughter still shoots hers, probably 8-10 years old now. Good bow for a person of smaller stature...

From: BC173
Old Reb… that would be a good bow to donate to a youngster who would like to start archery/hunting but don’t have the means. As stated above, no more than 50 or thereabouts.

From: spike78
Unfortunately only as much as someone is willing to pay. With everyone being a Mathews fanboy you might have to almost give it away.

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