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Longbeards and Longbows
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From: Arrowhead

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I want to share some of the video that I took over the last few weeks of turkeys doing what they do. I enjoy filming and chasing these awesome birds with the longbow. Using a bow affords me more time to focus on running the camera since I need the turkeys to basically be in my lap for an arrow to take flight.

I had a great time this season and just wanted to share this for some of you guys that maybe didn't get the chance to go out this spring. If you watch it, I hope you enjoy it!


From: buckeye
That was great Blaine, good to see an area that has a healthy population of nice birds. Terrific job with the camera as well.

Thanks for posting this. Wish my allergies weren’t so bad and I was out there more days with you. Guess I’m getting to be a sissy.

From: kstout
Very nice video! Congratulations!

From: Coop

From: goelk
great video Blaine congrats Beautiful Area

From: Saphead
Hard won trophy... Way to go Blaine Great video and hunting! Beautiful birds you got there to hunt too..

From: TGbow
Thanks for sharing this video Blaine. Awesome

From: RD
Enjoyed the video, Thanks

From: Arrowhead

Arrowhead's embedded Photo
This gobbler had the longest snood I think I have ever seen!
Arrowhead's embedded Photo
This gobbler had the longest snood I think I have ever seen!
Thank you very much for the kind words.

It was really starting to look like I wasn’t going to find that gobbler. After looking for him for over half an hour and getting deep into the woods, I went back to where I last saw him after the shot, and it turned out that he was within 10 yards of where he disappeared on the video, it was just so thick and green where he ended up, that it took me a while to find him. That experience added another element of going from high to low to high again and it’s fun to look back on now… was stressing me out at the time though!

From: Hawkeye
Great video and well done on all counts! Hope you continue to make more videos like this and thanks for sharing.

From: Beav
Great video! Enjoyed it.

From: ahawkeye
Tbat was pretty cool!

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