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From: countyg11
It's not an outfitter but a consultant company for hunts of all types. STAY AWAY FROM SPORTSMAN'S LOGISTIC'S. I signed with them in May of 22 and I found out later from someone associated with the actual guide himself they forgot to call and book us for the 7k acre property for Merriam turkeys and sent us to a 172 acre piece with zero Tom's roosting on the property. The owner/manager gave me a long speech on the phone about how I don't know how to turkey hunt and how I spooked them off the property. Apparently I must have spooked them off the property or they were silent while all the gobblers on the neighbors were talking. I found them on a site only for first responders and military so he's taking advantage of our service members. My loss and hopefully your gain if you were considering using them.

From: fuzzy
I checked out their reviews, have you posted one? Who dropped the ball, the broker or the outfitter they hooked you up with?

From: countyg11
They forgot to call to book me on the place I wanted. They told the guy I ended up hunting with that in March of 23 when they were supposed to book me around May of 22. The guy I went with didn't even know we were coming till March of this year and they tried to cover it by saying the guide took me to the 172 acres because that was the best property of the 7k he has access to. The guide was a very very nice guy and doesn't even farm 7k acres, let alone have access to 7k acres to hunt.

From: fuzzy
Wow. That's pretty bad. I'm sorry you got shafted.

From: countyg11
I guess I should have done more homework on my part if possible. I questioned the employee and he said he had me booked the day we signed which was a lie.

From: mspur
Actually there is more that goes on that countyg11 doesn't understand. When you book a hunt through Sportsman's Logistics the booking request is sent from the sales person who he worked with to the manager he talked to. The manager is responsible to get the booking to the landowner or outfitter whoever it might be. If the ball was dropped it was with the manager or landowner. I've never had an issue and I've done multiple hunts. I think the snafu is a rare one. A 7000 acre ranch may only have 100 acres good for turkeys but yes, you do need to do your homework and stand up for what you want but ultimately this kind of deal comes down to the hunter and landowner in the end. Unfortunately with outfitters and landowners there isn't alot of wiggle room.

I booked a 340 acre lease in unit 62 for archery elk The pitch from Sportsman’s Logistic inferred a mixture of game on the property I put 4 game cameras out on the property ( with owners permission ) 2 months before the hunt I only saw a few cow elk appear for 2 out of 60 days. I asked the owner a few days before the hunt if any elk had been on the property, and he said one cow elk had wondered on the property Before the hunt I found that the salesman had booked 4 groups of hunters over 4 weeks of archery, and I expressed concern about the pressure that would put on hunters The cabin was basic and we were frustrated with no electricity often in the morning, so we were unable to have a hot shower We ended up hunting 98 percent public land I feel like I wasted $1495.00, and I could have just tented on public To add to my frustration, I found my debit card was charged twice for the $1495.00 fee, and there was no real remorse shown for this error, until I challenged the owner about this attitude

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