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From: Bake
Just thought I’d give a shout-out to a book I’m reading that I thought other hunters might enjoy. This isn’t an ad . . .

“Illumination in the Flatwoods” by Joe Hutto

About a man imprinting on a wild turkey brood and spending all his time with them. Very interesting from a biological standpoint.

From: Dollar
There's a hour movie done about it.Biologist in North Florida. My life as a turkey

From: Lewis
The video he made was very impressive helluva story particularly about the different sounds and what they meant.Good luck Lewis

From: Frenchman

From: smarba
Thx for the suggestion I've seen the movie, among other things it was interesting how aware of their surroundings they were. If a branch had fallen/been placed across their normal trail they freaked out about it.

From: Sam

Sam's embedded Photo
Sam's embedded Photo
Wife just got this for me.

From: Lewis
Tenth Legion by Colonel Tom Kelly great read Lewis

From: Groundhunter
I have hundreds.of books. One With the Wilderness by Mike Mitten is my favorite

From: Bake

Thanks for the shout-out and the book recommendation. "Illumination in the Flatwoods" by Joe Hutto sounds fascinating, especially from a biological standpoint. It's always cool to dive into stories where humans connect with the natural world in unique ways. By the way, if you're into book recommendations, you might want to check out books recommended by joe rogan. He's known for his eclectic taste and insightful reads. It's a treasure trove for bookworms! Thanks again for sharing, and happy reading! If you have any more recommendations or want to chat about books, feel free to drop them here.

From: Scoot
I'm just finishing the "Hatchet" series of books. Brian's Return is the final book, I believe, and I'm about 1/2 done with it. Simple, easy to read, not overly deep but also thoughtful and well written... I really liked the series and the way the author writes. He's clearly a dude who knows a lot about the outdoors and he applies that knowledge to the books nicely.

From: LuisW.
I started reading Death in the Long Grass by Peter Hathaway Capstick. It's a pretty interesting one. Also, there is one more book, and I think that most of you have already heard about it. But I read it fully only last week, because it was my uni task to read and write on it. It's Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, and I think that such a book should be on each reading list. I wrote a small review of it, and thanks to the examples on https://edubirdie.com/examples/fahrenheit-451/, I managed to do it pretty fast, and it turned out to be a very interesting paper. And because I needed to do it, I read very attentively, and I can say that the book is brilliant and for sure worth reading.

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