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Mule deer tags/landowner tags
Mule Deer
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bigwoodsbucks22 10-May-23
wytex 10-May-23
StickFlicker 10-May-23
Buglmin 10-May-23
bghunter 12-May-23
Hi All. Kind of a follow up to a post this winter about taking my dad who has mobility issues on his first ever western hunt. Long story short, we cant go this year because he has to get his knee replaced this summer. So we are planning a 2024 fall trip. I surprised him with the "idea" for his birthday so that I didnt have to make guesses and he could tell me what he wants to do. Well, he wants to go Mule Deer hunting more than anything else. So i need some help now. I know very little about mule deer states/tags/etc. In my limited research it seems damn near impossible these days to get an OTC mule deer tag for a rifle hunt in a place where we can go on a guided hunt. Being 1 1/2 years out, drawing points is off the table. Im finding out that some states allow for guide/landowner tags though? Do i have that right? Also, is it even possible to feasibly hunt mule deer without being able to walk around? He can walk maybe 100-200 yards given his disability. Here's some of the parameters we forced into given his condition....

-We want to do a fully guided mule deer hunt, somewhere in the US in the fall of 2024 -He will not be mobile at all, the guide would need to drop him off wherever we will be hunting -This will be a rifle hunt -We would either need OTC tags or guide/ranch/landowner tags, if thats even actually a thing -We dont need to shoot a giant mule deer. This is more just for the experience. -Looking to keep it under $5,000/person for everything.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated as I really want to make this happen for my dad. This will probably be the only time he ever gets to do a hunt outside of new england. Thank you!

From: wytex
A couple of Regions in Wyoming that can be drawn with 0-1 PP, buy a PP this year when they go on sale in Wyoming if possible. I would also be contacting outfitters very soon, asap, for next year.

Not sure on price but some outfitters work the areas I know and some are great, some not so much. Areas are not known for huge bucks but good bucks are there.

pm sent

From: StickFlicker
New Mexico has land owner tags.

From: Buglmin
Contact the Diamind T Ranch here in sw Colorado. Diamond T is known for their big mule deer, and is constantly being mentioned or talked about in Monster Mulies. They do get some land owner vouchers. They have stands that hunters will sit in.

From: bghunter
I sent you another pm

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